Friday, August 29, 2014

Medicine men

I remember talking to one of my Medicine man teachers in my early 30s in Northern California when I lived on my 2 1/2 acres of land in an A-Frame I and my family and a few friends all built together. He said, "Fred, I'm not sure being as supernaturally gifted as you are is actually an advantage. You live in a natural state that some people get drunk or take drugs to reach but never do."

I understood what he meant. I had had an experience in my 20s where I was trying to see auras and began seeing them in my early 20s. I wanted to soul travel consciously and met a group of people who were working on seeing auras and soul traveling and so we all sort of broke through together as a group. However, by about 25 I had reached a state where seeing angels all the time and seeing bad things all the time wasn't working for me. It was just too distracting to keep an equilibrium.

I finally said to God, "God. Just show me what you want me to know. I can't deal with seeing this many things at once. When I see angels I'm so intoxicated by seeing them that I cannot function in my every day life right. And when I see bad things that's pretty scary."

So, after that God did what I asked and I stopped seeing so many things. I was really grateful. It was like asking a really advanced computer program to do a specific thing and it did.

Then I would more likely feel in my solar plexus about something. I might be aware of what was going on on the other side of the world. I might be made aware of anything any time. God might say, "Turn the TV on because you need to see this." And I would and I would be aware of one thing or the other so I could pray or do something about it.

When you are tuned into God almost anything good can happen at any given moment. This is good to be aware of.

And if you don't believe in God something good can still happen at any moment to you too. Remember, Buddhists don't believe in God (at least in the same way that Christians do).

They will say things like "Buddha Bless you".

Which works for them.

So, whether you believe in God or not we all have thousands of senses that some of us turn on and use and others of us don't know are there. But, if you have your senses turned on you know who can turn their senses on and use them if they really wanted to in an emergency.

There are functional people. there are latent people, there are responsible compassionate people, and there are various kinds of dysfunctional people.

I try to pray for them all. The advantage for me is I have met spiritual teachers and Gurus all over the world and many of them have lineages of teachers that go back thousands of years (some 10,000 years or more).

Also, many Christian teachers have lineages that go back directly to Jesus and the Prophets as well as the prophets from the Old Testament too.

In the old days before people could read all spiritual teachers on earth taught Aura to Aura which meant it is like volumes of knowledge was stored in people's auras from thousands of years of lineage and on from that day everything those teachers put there whether they were still alive or had passed on since this transmission to you opened up and took your breath away and the profound meanings and depth and wisdom manifest through you to others. And the lineage moves on down through the centuries in anyone who hears what you have to say, walks nearby you and has a good attitude and good aura along the way. Life is Amazing! God Bless you! Buddha Bless you! Whatever works to help you and all mankind to a better more enlightened state of Being!

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