Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wise right mindful compassion helps eliminate your suffering and the suffering of others

Since ignorance tends to be the primary cause of all suffering, helping end ignorance (your own and others) is a way of reducing your suffering and the suffering of all others.

Overwhelming suffering of all kinds is what tends to drive insane or kill individuals and groups of people all over the world. You might say that starvation causes suffering. However, I would say that the primary cause of suffering is ignorance of people around the world.

The problem becomes: "How do you address this ignorance when ancient religions help enforce ignorance (as to how to enable their people's) to survive?

And it doesn't really matter really whether we accuse religions like Catholicism, Muslim, Hindu or whatever philosophy or religion tends to prevent birth control.

Anything, anyone or any religion that prevents the use of birth control now on earth is naturally going to cause incredible wars and incredible suffering here on earth from now on.

The lack of use of birth control in and of itself could cause the extinction of all mankind even in this century. Just this one ignorance so prevalent could kill us all.

So, we have religions which should help save us now in this century directly causing the extinction of all mankind because of the lack of resources compared to how many people we now have here on earth.

In addition to this overpopulation has also caused "Global Climate Change" which is also causing wars and leading us towards world Holocaust as well.

So, what is the most compassionate thing you can do to help yourself and all mankind survive and go on for millions of years?

Each of us must enlighten ourselves and find our paths forward. Each of us must find a way. If we don't it is the end of all of us likely this century or soon after.

And the stopping of education regarding birth control is just one element of chaos and war here on earth during this century.

So, education of the masses regarding the real state of affairs on earth rather than a fantasy of what the real state is likely will save the human race from extinction during the next few centuries.

It's not that in previous centuries religions prevented millions of deaths by pacifying people in the areas where these religions prevailed. (Even though cross religious rivalries killed millions of people at the same time).

However, in this century and after any religion that prevents birth control will be creating incredible suffering for all mankind.

How can you be compassionate first to yourselves so you don't just kill yourself directly or indirectly(I went through this between 21 and 24 or 5 and yet I'm still here) and stay alive so you can make a difference to all mankind or at least to those you love and care about?

The answer will come to you moment by moment and day by day. Don't just expect to get this answer right now but meditate upon what you can do to help yourself and as many of mankind as possible.

This meditation will help save not only yourself but also will help to save all mankind too eventually.

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