Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How ISIS recruits young people from the U.S. and Europe

Usually it is a young person who is idealistic and possibly a new convert to being a Sunni Muslim. Then this person wants to help the suffering Sunnis in Syria. So, they go to Syria through Turkey to try to help people there. While being an aid person helping the suffering and poor people there they are brainwashed slowly or quickly by ISIS operatives who have developed psychological means to get converts. Slowly they are drawn into groups of people that they begin to identify with and eventually decide to either become suicide bombers or soldiers or a support person for ISIS.

I think it is something like people were recruited by various religious groups in the U.S. like the Moonies and others.

I myself have witnessed what can happen especially among disaffected youth in turmoil who don't feel they have a way forward in life. So, to begin with often these youth are one step away from suicide anyway. So, maybe they need a purpose in life to keep them alive. So, if they die for this perceived purpose they might feel their lives have not been in vain.

My experience of the Moonies in the 1970s was one weekend while I was riding the Bart around 1978 in San Francisco because I hadn't ridden on it before because I then lived in San Diego. Luckily, I was already about 30 years of age and understood what religious brainwashing was all about because my parents had been mystical Christian ministers when I was a child growing up. Because of all this I wasn't susceptible to the Moonie Brainwashing techniques. However, I witnessed many others that were susceptible that weekend

I got off at a Bart STation and was approached by two beautiful women who said to me, "Come here us play in a band." This sounded interesting to me so I went because I was a single father and my son was with my parents right then as I returned from a job in Mt. Shasta to San Diego. I went to hear them play in the band and thought it kind of strange that one of the people listening to the band and the free dinner I attended was Eldridge Cleaver who had been the head of "The Black Panthers".

The one girl playing Bass in the rock band wanted me to go to an event in Boonesville from our location in Berkeley, California. I didn't really want to go but this girl was pretty insistent. They use a technique of always touching you as if they are your girlfriend or boyfriend to draw you in.

I realize now that this girl wanted me to marry her to work with her there in the Moonies in a group living situation. Most of the money I would have earned would have gone to the church while we lived and possibly had children in a group living situation.

Not only was I not interested in all this I understood what was happening unlike about 100 others who showed up in Boonesville at their recreation and brainwashing area. One of the things I found interesting about this was when I went to a meeting and they had lawyers to make sure anyone from another country could get a green card to stay in the U.S. if they wanted.

So, brainwashing for a purpose can be very involved and devious on multiple levels and ISIS is not only a religious brainwashing it is also a military brainwashing as well. This sort of thing doesn't happen all at once it usually happens in stages.

So, likely ISIS is brainwashing European and U.S. youth who are mostly new to the Sunni Muslim religion in stages much like the Moonies indoctrinates and brainwashes their converts too.

The problem with all this becomes precedent. Once someone is brainwashed to the point where they can be led to kill someone this becomes a place of no return to normalcy ever.

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