Friday, August 29, 2014

learning the true nature of your soul

This is often a long process for all of us. We think we are one thing and then we find out we are a hundred or more different things. This is often hard to bear. The same was true for me.

When I started out as a little one at age 2 I remember looking up at big people (grown ups) and thinking "Will I ever be that tall?" (Eventually, I became much taller than the person I was looking at whose shoes seemed as big a ships to me when I was little. I remember glasses of milk were so big I had to use two hands. Now at 6 foot 5 inches glasses of milk are usually very little to me along with most people. I've grown used to being the biggest person in the room usually. (Though this takes time).

In Asia I was not only the biggest person in the room but a giant since most people when I was in Japan, India and Nepal were not above 5 foot 8 in height and people down to about 4 foot 5 inches as adults was pretty normal everywhere.

In Nepal, I often had a black and blue mark on my forehead from 6 foot high door jams at the top or walking up and down stairs if I wasn't paying enough attention to detail.

I didn't learn everything about the true nature of my soul at once. It took time to try to unravel what I write about. People in my church were kind of scared when I would tell them things before they happened and then they actually would happen. Most people don't know how to deal with this.

So, over time I found talking about these things in a different way was more useful. More often, to save someone from dying or being maimed I simply will redirect them rather than telling them the full truth.

Most people can't deal with the truth just like 'Jack Nicholson' in that movie "You can't handle the truth!"

This is how most people are.

Be patient with yourselves. The truth is a very hard thing to deal with. It is beyond most of us and we must be very brave if we wish to know the full truth.

Because most people just can't deal with the full truth and keep their lives together on an even keel.

It has been very different and difficult for me to be a person who always demands the full truth.

But, since I can write about it, more people can learn the truth through people like myself.

Many people experience the truth, they just don't know what to do with it.

I experience the truth all the time and somehow God makes me capable of writing about it.

This is sort of unusual. Because usually people either experience the truth or they are writers. You don't find many people who can both experience real truths and who can write about it too.

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