Friday, September 30, 2016

How to keep yourself from being injured by children scared by nightmares

This is mostly for children 2 to 12 years of age who become frightened by nightmares and other things that go bump in the night. Also, Sids deaths are also from this same cause which is why if your baby is hysterical often you need to let them be with you so they don't die. Babies and small children are often attacked supernaturally and if you don't protect them by keeping them near to you while they are being attacked they can go crazy or die.Yes. Learning independence for children is important.

However, if they cannot protect themselves yet for any reason "Would you leave your children alone in the wilds with a bear or cougar?" Supernaturally they are vulnerable in the same ways to ghosts, entities and incubuses and succubuses. So, be aware when they are being attacked to keep them sane and alive ongoing. Without enough protection no one survives childhood, physically or emotionally or spiritually.

Even if you physically survive childhood that doesn't mean you psychologically or spiritually have survived childhood.

So, this is something to think about as a parent or guardian of a young child or young adult.

However, I was trying to write about when they come and demand to sleep with you and your wife because they are terrified about something.

If you let them get into bed with you here is what you need to know: "A heel to the nose or forehead on an adult can be sometimes fatal. Knowing this you must put either your face or back to the child. The more unruly I would put my back to them so they can feel secure because you are there but because of their night terrors they might be "Actively moving in the disturbed sleep." So, you must physically protect yourselves so you aren't injured and have to go to the hospital.

The way I did this with all my children was to put my back to them so that even if they raised their heel up into the air and brought it down on me I wouldn't have a fatal injury when I got up. A heel that comes down hard on your hip or even on your ear might be survived but a blow to your nose, eye or bridge of your nose could be fatal or you could lose an eye.

So, just be aware that this could happen because it has happened to me more than once before I developed a more protective stance in trying to be injury free and still comfort my children hysterical from bad dreams.

By God's Grace

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