Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What I thought of the debates

Hillary is a very polished lawyer and debater. However, Trump actually held his own pretty well when he wasn't saying things that were obviously untrue like someone making things up in a bar. So, though Clinton won this debate by far Trump came out seeming more human and less polished and robotic. We had someone visiting from Italy who thought Trump (like most foreignors) is a complete idiot who shouldn't be running for president at all. However, she thought he was warmer and more human and genuine than Hillary even though she obviously won the debate.

So, what does this all mean?

TRump is still scary and Hillary less so. But both of them don't seem like they should be running for president

My wife said it best this way. If it was between the two vice presidential candidates Kane and Pence people wouldn't be so scared of whatever is going to happen next like they are now. Just having these two candidates (Trump and Clinton) theoretically could cause a worldwide recession. This is the problem of these two candidates Trump and Clinton for president worldwide.

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