Tuesday, September 27, 2016

In order to protect time lines

As per government agreement with UFOs in the future (our future descendants) all phone calls and communications worldwide are recorded by the NSA. Originally, the NSA was created to communicate with Aliens visiting earth and to set up diplomatic relations between earth governments and other governments of the future here on earth as well as friendly governments of planets other places as well. The original function of the NSA was similar to the United Nations only in regard to aliens. The real reason all communications are stored is to maintain time lines intact so future descendants can all be born in good order. It is so time lines can more easily be repaired from Time Wars created by groups or criminals in the past, present or future. So, it was originally and still is a law and order tool to prevent major time manipulations by criminals or enemies of the people of earth in the past, present and future. So, to put "Snowden" in a more useful context this is a part of what is going on. Do I agree with this?

My point of view with what I actually know now is that because of "Time Wars" everything down to the smallest details of each of our lives is vulnerable every single moment. So, records of everything happening on earth allows Time Guards of the United Nations to keep time in order in the past, present and future. This is one reason things were so chaotic before the United Nations came into existence around the mid 20th century and how things started to settle down relatively speaking because of the UN and Nuclear weapons and more advanced technology brought to the U.S. and world by incidents like Roswell. From that one incident, microcomputer chips, transistors and Kevlar all came because they all existed on the crashed Roswell ship. The other things for sure were Time travel technology combined with space travel which is the simplest way to travel both space and time.

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