Sunday, September 25, 2016

The priimary problem in the middle East is not religion it is overpopulation

So, if you are wanting to end the 100 years war between Shia Muslims and Sunni Muslims now taking place there think about ways that birth control can be introduced into Muslim Cultures. The best way likely would be through the women. For example, it is possible for women to practice birth control without telling their husbands. This doesn't mean they would have no children but if you drop the birth rate to only 1 or 2 children per family then millions of the Middle Eastern Children born will not have to die in the next 100 years from ongoing warfare.

If you study the Bible in the old Testament one culture or group or tribe would extinct another tribe or group. This was done all the time. So, what is happening today is much the same thing. People are horrified by this all over the world, but if you look in the Bible (old Testament) they extincted each other all the time.

Overpopulation was the reason then. They wanted more of their tribe or religion to flourish and in order to do this they killed other tribes and religions like now.

I don't agree with this and feel that birth control is the solution so all religions and tribes might live in peace without genociding each other out of existence. However, it is hard to move poor people who are still living with 12th century values into the 21st century and 21st century realities without enough education and jobs to go along with this. Not educating people regarding birth control ONLY fosters genocide between religions and likely will continue to kill millions and millions of people in the middle east and beyond for the next 100 years or more as a direct result of lack of education regarding this.

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