Friday, September 30, 2016

Past Lives are often strange to deal with

IT is possible all of us have had past lives whether we remember them or not. When I figured out when I almost died and was preparing for my own death in 1998 and 1999 I realized souls have nothing at all to do with time and space and ONLY do when incarnated into a physical body and that's all.
So, today I was wondering why I was so foggy and disoriented the last two days since our friend from Italy went home. I finally took a nap today late in the afternoon because nothing was making much sense today. While I was napping I realized why I was having problems. It was because the last time I saw this person it was in a previous lifetime in France during the Inquisition when they burned all the Cathers at the stake. So, the last time I saw this person she had seen me be burned at the stake. So, when she flew back home to Italy it brought up subconsciously this experience of being burned at the stake and realizing then again I would never see her again. So, I had to go back and say to myself. That was then and this was now and I likely would see her again because I wasn't being burned at the stake this time some time between 1200 and 1400 AD.

So, past lives (when you are forced to deal with them by circumstance) are often very strange to deal with. So, I could let go of thinking I would never see her again from that lifetime and realize I wasn't dying in this lifetime so there still was a chance I would see her again. So, what I'm saying is that people we were incarnated with before often show up periodically in this lifetime too. So, we have to figure out what to do with them especially if our lives were caught short then which is often the case for lives in the past. Even more strange are lives we have already lived in the future which before 1998 and 1999 wasn't something that I thought was even possible.

However, time and space is relatively meaningless to any soul unless it is clothed in a specific body in a specific time.

By God's Grace

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