Thursday, September 29, 2016


If you have amazing experiences if you get the go ahead from God I think you should share your amazing experiences with others.

They may or may not understand fully because of whatever state or states of consciousness they might be in right now.

However, by writing about your amazing experiences with life and God you might inspire someone not to take their lives, and do something wonderful with their lives. You might save a life sharing. You might change a life for the better by sharing. You might save your own life by sharing lessons you have learned.

So, realizations are not only important to your own survival they also might be important to the survival other others as well. So, your suffering by sharing what happened to you and what you learned might save them from incredible suffering too. So, this is something to think about.

The more happy realized people there are on earth the more heaven like living on earth can be for the rest of us.

When you have seen as much suffering and death as I have in people's lives as I have in 68 years you can understand better what I'm talking about.

By God's Grace

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