Saturday, October 29, 2016

96% chance Hillary will be president despite Republican Comey's suspicious new investigation a few days before the election

It likely won't affect the outcome of the election. Likely any emails will ONLY be repeats of ones they already have. However, it could help down ballot Republicans retain control of Congress. So, once again Comey is turning the electorate on their heads for likely no good reason.

However, it should also be said "The FBI has no idea what it has or doesn't have" yet and it trying to protect itself from more Republican Criticism which might be important to Comey because after all he is a Republican.

So, is Comey interfering with the Presidential and Congressional Elections?


Just as sure as Putin is interfering with the elections, so is Comey. They are the same in some ways at this point.

So, my thought it is the Anti-Female President sentiment among Republicans just like Trump rearing it's ugly head for maybe not the last time.

Will Comey be penalized in some way by the courts for doing this?

It's hard to say if he will be brought to task for election interference. But, one can be sure that Putin likely will get away with his interference because he is in another country even though the Cyber War is obviously on with Putin and his people right now.

Will the Internet survive this?

I'm more concerned about our democracy surviving this. After all, we were okay for over two hundred years already without an Internet. However, we will Not survive without our democracy!

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Although I believe it was a partisan hatch job with a clear attempt to tip the scale or at the very least , the focus , from what I've been reading and listening to it doesn't appear that Comey will face any legal consequences His superiors were aware this was his plan but stopped short of giving an official order to cease and desist, instead they just voiced concern and advised against. From what I've read the common unwritten procedure , but not policy is that if the agencies have something surface with obvious potential to influence an election, unless there is absolutely no other option, and there is less than 60 days left until the election, the right thing to do is wait until after the election day. Clearly this letter did not need to be sent 11 days prior to election day especially when a warrant had not yet been given and the content had not yet been revealed. What was done was done and my hope is that undecided voters can be open enough to see this for what it is . In my opinion there could be nuclear codes in those emails and I still wouldn't vote trump. He is a dangerous , immature , spoiled narcissist who cannot accept being told no but the scariest thing iis he has been enabled to lie and cheat for so long that he believes he is smarter, and superior in every field including the military and foreign policy. Leaders of the world would use that ego and play him like a fiddle. Especially his hero Putin, ex KGB this man is extremely intelligent and ruthless, he hates America and would have someone like trump in his pocket within a year. Cool blog, I like the info.