Thursday, October 27, 2016

An All Out Cyberwar would automatically throw the U.S., Europe and China into a Great Depression

I'm not sure what it would do to Russia or the rest of the world but likely most of the world would go into a great depression much much worse than the 1930s.

However, my concern is beyond that. My concern is the preservation of Democracy around the world. Russia has demonstrated just how vulnerable All democracies are to manipulation through the Internets of the world which all sort of connect now in various ways.

So, presently the only way Democracies can be preserved as a system of governance trusted by the peoples of earth is for the Internet to either drastically change or to end the Internets of the world.

Otherwise, what will happen more and more is people will question more and more the validity of every single election, people will tend to riot more because of loss of confidence in democracies, and there will be more revolutions and bloodletting worldwide as people get more and more irate at voter and vote manipulation by countries like Russia and others. Because it isn't just Russia that manipulates votes around the world.

So, ways MUST be found to overcome these problems for Democracies or we will wind up with Hitler types of rulers much like Trump would be running the world.

And in a world like that with no checks and balances it would only be a matter of time before the human race went extinct through nuclear weapons, pandemics or another cause.

The kind of great depression that an all out cyber war would cause likely would also cause 25% to 50% of the people in the U.S. to starve to death over time also. These kinds of situations only create warlords and dictators and not democracy also.

The people that would best survive something like this likely would have to go to another country not as affected as the U.S. would be after an all out cyber war.

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