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Reprint: What Caused the Digital Revolution?

What Caused the Digital Revolution?
 October 26th 2013

I noticed a lot of people reading this today so I thought that reprinting it for others of you to read might be useful.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

What Caused the Digital Revolution?

If we go back to the 1940s though we had computers like Eniac and others that were much less powerful than the calculators in any digital wristwatch now, they could do things but they were slow, very very big and bulky and because of their size and the distance electrons had to travel through vacuum tubes not going to get much faster in that type of technology.

However, then something happened. In 1947 two things happened. First, the Roswell Crash in the Summer I believe of 1947 and then within 6 months later (the first transistor was invented). Whether these two events are actually separate or together in significance hasn't been proved either way to my satisfaction. But, if we are to believe Colonel Corso of the U.S. Army's DIA directly under President Eisenhower in the White House, what actually happened is someone brought both him and General Trudeau a filing cabinet of artifacts found at the Roswell Crash and then his job was to tell American Corporations that these were Russian (and not alien) and to reverse engineer them and these companies did. So, from a possible half broken microchip was eventually reverse engineered the first computer chip with many transistors built into it which leads to here.

So then, whether that reverse engineered microchip was from our future or from another planet, what we have today comes from a Jump Start in technology. But, I guess my question would be: "Was this technology crashed on purpose or by accident?" IN other words was any thought given by whoever own this technology as to what would happen to Human history if this happened? 2nd, there was another crash that Nazi Germany found which might have led to many of the breakthrough technology wise like V-1 and V-2 Rockets during World war II as well as the jet fighters just starting to be used by Nazi Germany at the end of World War II just before they were defeated.

If this is where Jet engines, rocket engines, guidance systems, computer chips, and most highly developed technology of today came from then our history was jump started. LIkely we would be about 50 years at least in the past technology wise if these two events didn't actually happen (if they did).

But, here is another way to look at this. Say you are a futuristic humanoid civilization in the future of Earth, or you are a civilization of humanoids from another planet or both and you want to jump start the history of Earth so humans on earth have similar attributes and governments to you. What do you do? You jump start their technology? And this timing also ties directly into the Atomic Bomb which started to go off before the transistor was successful?

It has to make one think what is really going on here and whether the Singularity coming is meant to be a good thing or a bad thing or a self destructive thing for humans to be doing? Is this potentially good or does this just lead to our extinction because we developed the Atomic Bomb and became dangerous to other groups of humanoids in the present or future? Do digital micro transistors on a computer chip lead to something good for us or does it just end us as human beings?

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