Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Trump and Putin are both throwbacks to another era: Victorian or Czar era

How are they throwbacks to another era?

The most obvious similarity between these two men is that they see women as only to serve men's needs and the needs of any children that result. So, in this world women do NOT have rights like they now have in the U.S. and Europe.

So, in this sense they are throwbacks to another era we saw mostly before the mid 1960s here in the U.S. where women were KEPT sort of like how Black people were kept in their place too and how other minorities were KEPT in their place.

So, I think it is mostly their view of the world is similar which is why they both Putin and Trump might get along in this sort of repressive way they view both women and minorities. So, in this sense they both see both women and children in the same classification and not with any inherent rights at all.

Muslims also being a minority and viewed by them both as Non-white and non-Christian allows both men (Putin and Trump)  to see them as something that can be eliminated from the earth by any means necessary also.

So, if Trump were president he would assist Putin in killing as many Sunni Muslims as possible and Trump would also want to eliminate Shia Muslims too.

However, thinking this way is sort of insane because there are presently 1.6 billion Muslims of all sects presently on earth.

So, if Putin is in office in Russia and Trump were in office in the U.S. presidency I think you have to expect a world war between Muslims and Christians likely ending in some kind of nuclear conflict at least in the middle east.

I don't think this is in anyone's interests that this actually happens because radiation would also spill over into Europe from such an event or events.

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