Monday, October 31, 2016

What is important in life besides Survival?

Compassion towards oneself and all others is what is also important.

The reason for this is it appears we are all one being somehow in the past, present and future. So, as we help ourselves and each other through being compassionate to ourselves and to others all benefit from this in the past, present and future.

Can I explain why this is true?

I can explain it enough for myself to get it but that may or may not be true for you.

One's connection to life is strong and to the Creator is strong but there are always others who try to wrest control of our lives away from each of us.

Why do People do this?

In order to enslave us to be their biological robots so we work while they don't.

Whether these are people running churches or whether these are salesmen trying to sell us something or whether these are politicians trying to enslave us matters little.

The point is learning how to keep yourself free from all these types of beings is one way to move towards enlightenment so one can be "Master of one's own ship and the forger of one's own destiny" without becoming someone else's full time slave of one form or another.

Only by having your own free will and discernment can you become enlightened and learn compassion for yourself and all other beings.

This is the essence of all civilizations on earth in the end. IT is also the essence of what it really is to be a human being on earth as we move out into the galaxy and to other galaxies in the future of the human race.

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