Saturday, October 29, 2016

Living with Angels

Though I REMEMBER seeing angels from about age 2 by the time I was 21 these kinds of visions faded into flashes of different colored lights and in emergencies I would see the outline of Archangels there to protect me and I was supposed to be more aware when they showed up if I wanted to stay alive.

At age 21 my mother and a friend of hers from Church were worried I might take my own life, so one day my mother had her friend who was also very clairvoyant and could see angels like my mother and I, took me to her home to show me how to invoke angels in reality into any place I was.

I realized that day I didn't have to die because I could live in heaven with the angels right here on earth all or most of the time I was going to live in a human body here on earth with my soul.

So, this caused me to seriously change my point of view realizing I didn't have to die to be in heaven and with angels all the time.

But, one has to run energy sort of more like one does around a baby so the baby doesn't cry if you want them to stick around you. The only exception to this is the arcangels who wear armor and who have swords of flame that they stick into people's hearts or bad spirits hearts and then those spirits sometimes die if that is their karma.

Someone who is choosing to do wrong will often have a heart attack or an accident and die when their karma returns in this way and then their lives are over or they are crippled in some way by the Archangels because it was their karma for doing bad things or thinking bad thoughts.

God has police too who are soldiers and they are the Arcangels who arrive when they are ordered to by God.

These are all real things and if you are an intuitive like my mother and I and many people I know you  understand all these things aren't just made up fairy tales, they are real.

By God's Grace.

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