Monday, October 24, 2016

No ONE could actually win in an All Out Cyberwar!

Why is this?

It is because of the Internet Infrastructure and how the U.S. and Europe are 100 times more dependent economically upon it than Russia is.

If we had an all out Cyber War with Russia (and we are very close to this right now) the U.S. and Europe would lose even if we won the Cyber War.


Because the Internet would be destroyed for all intents and purposes. It would be gone.

So far, we have had denial of service attacks which is to simulate too many computer types of devices asking for help at the same time. Denial of service just means too many computer types of devices are asking for service at the same time. Imagine too many people trying to get on a freeway at the same itme.

What do you get?

A horrendous traffic jam where no car even moves.

This is what a denial of service attack looks like. Nothing moves.

However, imagine this happening every single day to ALL Internet sites for a month or two.

What happens then?

No one gets on any site in Europe or the U.S.

But this is still not full Cyberwar.

Full Cyberwar means every single major site is infected with server killing Malware that often destroys the Servers permanently.

So, imagine the internet cannot function anymore until you build and change all servers.

Then imagine 6 months later when all the servers are rebuilt and changed it happens again. So, 6 months after that you have to replace all the servers again.

Meanwhile there has been 1 year with no Netflix, no Google, no Businesses online operating, people going out of business who don't have enough capital to survive this. So, likely every smaller or new online business would be out of business at this point and bankrupt possibly worldwide.

This likely would throw the U.S., Europe and China at the very least into a severe Great Depression.

Would Russia win such a war?

In some ways no one wins and everyone loses.

Economically Russia might win but even then in some ways it also loses economically too.

We have much more to lose than Russia does. This is the point here.

So, my point of view is that ending the Internet might be the only way to preserve our democracy from being destroyed by Russia at this point.

We likely will know how bad this cyberwar is if we actually wind up with a president accepted by the people the day after the election.

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