Thursday, October 27, 2016

Putin says he's not playing favorites with Trump: Should we believe him?

Putin has always been very Macheavellian in this thinking. The KGB trained him to think this way. The CIA often trains it's operatives to think this way too only with a U.S. bias instead of a Russian Bias. So, are we to believe him? NO. Absolutely not, because he is NOT acting in U.S. best interests. However, if Putin was a U.S. president he likely would be loyal to the U.S. like he is loyal to Russia now. It's like looking at a sports fan for a certain team. He's going to be loyal ONLY to that team to the detriment of any other team. He is not for the U.S. in any way. You cannot believe as an American anything he says.

begin quote from:

Russia's Not Playing Favorites but Trump Does Speak for the People, Putin Says

Wall Street Journal - ‎1 hour ago‎
MOSCOW—President Vladimir Putin said the Kremlin has no preference in the U.S. presidential elections but Republican candidate Donald Trump does reflect the needs of average people “who don't like that power is being transferred by inheritance.
Vladimir Putin Praises Donald Trump, Denies Meddling in US Election
PUTIN: 'There's a reason' Donald Trump 'behaves extravagantly'

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