Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jennifer Jones says Donald Trump speaks like a Woman

She is an instructor at Loyola Marymount University and what she means by this is in the pronouns and adjectives and adverbs that he uses are like a woman. Through research she has discovered that people trust more the way a woman expresses herself than how a man expresses himself. So, this is one reason why Trump has the following he does because he expresses himself more like a woman than a man.

I have a thing I say sometimes that also reminds me of this actuality.

"All men are assholes and God help me I am one."

However, as a caveat I also have to say why this is so.

Men know that as men no one is going to save them in the end if they screw up or go crazy. Men know they are completely alone. If men go to war and come back with PTSD and can't get along with their families or they just get on drugs or whatever. They are NOT going to be taken care of by society because they are more likely to steal and kill someone than a woman is.

So, if men screw up they all know they will be alone and left on the streets to die. So, this is why all men are as dishonest as they are because they all know if they don't get it right they will just die on the streets and not be cared for by anyone.

It is this ongoing fear that drives men to be more dishonest than women. There are no 2nd chances for men at all.

How many women do you see on the streets compared to men?

Less than 1 in 10.

And they are usually so crazy no one can live with them and feel safe. Otherwise they wouldn't be on the streets.

So, you can see the advantage Trump has in expressing himself more like a woman to engender more trust in the ways he speaks.

Knowing Trump likely this is something he learned to do from PHDs in psychology in order to better manipulate people by making them trust him through the words he chooses.

So, watching Trump and Hillary debate it is more like watching a Cat fight between two women more than anything else in the language used.

And you know how the whole world is entertained by cat fights because usually the two women don't kill each other so even children can watch and not be permanently maimed by it.

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