Saturday, October 29, 2016

In Terms of Crazy, does this election have a Historical peer?


Philip Galanes: So, in terms of crazy, does this election have an historical peer?
Rachel Maddow: For sure. It’s not like we’ve never had a figure like Donald Trump in public life before.
PG: Really?
RM: There’s some Huey Long there, and some P. T. Barnum. Some George Wallace.
Doris Kearns Goodwin: We’ve had plenty of populist figures in our past, but they had a different degree of substance than Mr. Trump. William Jennings Bryant [the Democratic nominee for president in 1896, 1900 and 1908] came out of a period like today. The industrial revolution was like our tech revolution and globalization. The pace of life had sped up and made people anxious. Telegrams and telephones were fast. Immigration was huge. And Bryant’s supporters, like Trump’s, were fearful about the way the country was changing.

end partial quote.

I can see Huey Long and PT Barnum and George Wallace also in Donald Trump. You have to be both a demagogue and a showman to fit into this category and you have to be a Rumor Monger and not being concerned with actual facts also to fit into this category.
Someone like this makes politics a circus for entertainment instead of a serious choice for anyone. So, as the people are entertained by a candidate like this the country could also fall if they picked him and the democracy might end since 1776. So, if Trump was actually elected I would expect our democracy to end and America to become something like Hitler's Germany.
The other problem is also that George Wallace was hated by so many for so many years that eventually someone shot him and he had to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair as the bullet paralyzed him for life.
It is not helpful if anything happens to any presidential candidate because it would be just too traumatic for the country to endure. 
I was 15 when President Kennedy was assassinated and believe me it was even scarier than the Cuban Missile Crisis because the People had NO one they trusted when this happened. Almost anyone in our government or a foreign government could have been responsible for his death and likely was.
People just have NOT trusted government since then. If it weren't for the assassinations of Kennedy, his brother and Martin Luther King I don't think you would have seen the Anti-war sentiment as strong from college students who no longer trusted the government or ANYONE over 30 years of age at that point. IT was like living through a Social revolution which was in it's own way as bad as the Civil war was in many ways.

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