Friday, April 14, 2017

Distractor in Chief

News and buzz

This is how Trump is distracting you


There has never been a president like Trump. He is the Distractor in Chief. If anyone acuses him of something he deflects with something like. "What about my opponents?" or "Obama Wiretapped me. He is bad!"


These do not have to be true statements either. He can make up anything in the moment to distract us.

So, instead of the Decider in Chief he is the Distractor in Chief.

Is he a groper of women? Of Course. No contest.

But you won't be talking about that soon he is going to distract you with something that is instead a Conspiracy theory with no basis in fact. He's our 

USED CAR Salesman in Chief every day now. And everything, (including the integrity of this country) is negotiable in his world.

As long as everyone understands our president is an out and out liar and pretender then maybe just maybe we can survive him.

But, I wouldn't want to be a soldier in our army or any other army opposing him because he will get millions of soldiers on both sides killed without batting an eye. 

Because this is just who Trump is!


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