Thursday, July 13, 2017

I feel pretty lost when I'm on the East Coast because I'm a Californian

However, when I'm in California, Oregon or Washington I"m okay.


Because, for example, a Californian (on the coast) is more likely to talk to you than most other places on earth. Since most Californians (coastal) are richer and much more mobile than other areas of the country I'm used to the way people are on the California coast.

Then when I travel to Oregon from California what do I experience?

Oregon is Very very white and Washington is even more white, whereas in California over half of the people are hispanic (from south of the border mostly) or other races. So, maybe it could be said that "people who are not lily white are not as welcome in Oregon and Washington than they are in California which is like almost the most international country on earth (if California were a country it would be the 8th largest economy on earth by the way). So, more millionaires live in California than likely any other state in the Union. But, mostly they live along the coast where it is the most expensive to buy homes on the pacific ocean.

Why is land so expensive on the coast?

Because the air is fresh many places on the coast because it has come 5000 to 6000 miles across the ocean and been mostly cleaned by rain and wind and everything else. So, the fresh air off the Pacific Ocean is really great and at the ocean in California it is cooler than inland especially in the summers.

For example, where I live near San Francisco our warmest weather is in the spring and fall and not in the summers where it is almost as cold sometimes as the winters. "Mark Twain once said, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco."

So, "Why do I feel lost on the East Coast?"

Because I don't understand some of the accents and even if I understand them I don't get how people think there because it is often very cynical or racist.

People in California are usually neither cynical or racist because our culture is completely different than east coast culture. For example, white people talk to black people all the time and this is normal in California.

So, even if I understand people what is important to them often is not important to me. What they care about is often not important to me. So, finding common ground is always difficult.

But, if they are polite I'm fine with this because people are polite in California and more so in Oregon and even more so in Washington State. Because the Canadians are ultimately polite sort of like the English. And the Canadian English influence affects people a lot in Washington and Oregon and California. Also, there is a lot of intermarrying between Canadians from places like Vancouver or Victoria with people in Washington and Oregon and even down into California.

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