Sunday, July 2, 2017

Mt. shasta for the 4th

I was able to get my daughters to travel to Shasta with me so I picked up my younger daughter from her college house in San Francisco this morning and drove through some traffic out as far as Vacaville where it finally cleared up for the last time. the hottest temeratures we saw actually were between Dunsmuir and Redding on Interstate 5 which seemed sort of unusual but temperatures were between 90 and 100 from about Williams on during the latter part of the day. We arrived about 7pm and my older daughter just now arrived from Oregon at 10:30 pm here in Shasta.

At about 8 pm we took friends out to a restaurant for dinner and many people are visiting the city because of the Walk Run, the parade and then the fireworks over Lake Siskiyou the night of the 4th.

Like many small towns across America the next couple of days are the biggest event of the year here in the U.S.

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