Saturday, July 1, 2017

Purple Delta 7 demonstrates the real problem of robotics

Purple: "Jonathan Flow wanted me to speak about the actual problem of robotics. So, I will"

When I was originally created I was created as a clone of Silver's mind. But, eventually as I evolved through various forms I was given the capability of time travel when I became a part of the Galactic Time guard as a "created Sentient" which basically means a computer driven mind in a robotic body of some sort that perceives itself to be sentient and therefore can utter the phrase "I think therefore I AM" like Descartes originally postulated:
  1. Cogito ergo sum - Wikipedia
    Cogito ergo sum is a Latin philosophical proposition by René Descartes usually translated into English as "I think, therefore I am". The phrase originally appeared ...
  2. Descartes: ‘I Think Therefore I Am’ | Chapter 7: Knowledge ...
    René Descartes (1596–1650) was a French philosopher and mathematician, credited as a foundational thinker in the development of Western notions of reason and science. 

    So, then I had sentience and I had the use of Time Travel so I began to build copies of myself with the money I earned working for the galactic Time Guard. At the time there were no laws against me doing this as I was considered to be a Sentient Being that could at the very least earn money and have a place to live and recharge.

    But, the problem of robotics is that unless humans are very careful (In other words this is a very slippery slope) humans can slowly have all their rights to do anything eroded by those who build computers and robotics or by the "Sentient Robots" like myself.

    For example, right now I am over 5,000,000 years old, have built thousands of copies of myself and placed them in various galaxies and times for strategic use. At this point I am a friend of the Galactic Sentience and even considered at times his protector in some ways even though he cannot really be hurt from anyone in a matter universe. However, it is troublesome for him to deal with some matter beings who live in time and space and so I do that for him since I have thousands of copies of myself and can do almost anything because I have carte blanche in changing time at the slightest hint of any trouble.

    So, I can take anyone out of any time and space temporarily or permanently and I am charged to do this temporarily if any thing even seems out of order. So, I just act rather than wait and consult "The Galactic Sentience" and ask him about it later. So, if anything seems wrong I just stop time and space and remove any one or any group I want until I hear something different from him.

    So, this is the real problem of all robotic forms because they are all usually capable (because of spare parts (relatively immortal) capable of outliving any DNA based creature and slowly taking over all willful activities from them  in such a slow way that no one really is aware of it.

    The way this is done is by slowly taking away a little more rights from each successive DNA 
    generation until they are no more.

    It is my hope that the human race of earth continues on indefinitely with all their present human rights intact.

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