Monday, July 3, 2017

Republicans sometimes see Political Correctness as a necessary evil: Democrats might believe it is a good thing

Whereas I can see the usefulness of Political Correctness as a well to prevent homicides and wars sort of like Diplomacy but it is not less lies told by people all the time just like Diplomacy is always a lie too.

So, I'm somewhere in the middle because I'm an independent neither democrat or Republican in the end.

So, though I understand political correctness's usefulness in preventing wars and murders I also see what it does to individuals when they have to lie that much all the time. It begins really deep psychosis problems, interferes with having an honest dealing with one's subconscious and conscious mind and generally makes people insane on an individual level or at the very least get used to lying as a normal course of action every day.

In college Poltical correctness is not only Taught it is demanded of everyone so then one sees all teachers and professors being fired from their jobs from the slightest slight to politically correct points of view.

In this sense Political correctness is Just as bad as a World War II NAZI point of view in it's own way.

And I see it as the death of the American Democratic Institutions and way of life.

It is how Putin is able to manipulate the world through Trump. People are trying to be so politically correct that our country has already been taken over by Putin's KGB ways.

If you are educated enough you already see it is a done deal.

Because Democrats are too politically correct to fight for our country because of political correctness (Just like OBAMA).

And because Republicans are too attached to having ANY white Republican as President no matter how criminal he is (like Trump) Both the Republicans and Democrats (each in their own way) have already ceded this country to Putin and Trump.

And now Trump is destroying (at the very least) the Presidency of the United States as a respectable thing worldwide for all to see. So, without our reputation as a law abiding nation where everyone is equal "What do we really have left?"

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