Thursday, April 17, 2008

spirituality Versus Religiosity

spirituality Versus Religiosity. I think this is an American problem. In the 1960s and 1970s religion(formal religions) like Catholicism and the various forms of Protestantism became rejected for exactly the same reasons people then rejected the government. The primary reason was that they all became irrelevant to our lives because what they were telling us was ruining our lives and we experienced to be mostly lies.

Now, it is true those days are now at least 40 or more years ago. However, we have now taught our children and grandchildren to think this way too. Because my generation got burned and lied to we didn't want our children or grandchildren to be burned and lied to also. However, there is a case for my generation "throwing out the baby with the bathwater".

Life in the long run is not an extreme position it is something we all have to slog through. And without any religion or government life can be pretty difficult. By the time most people turn 30 they have let go of being anarchists or even atheists. That is not to say that atheists and anarchists are immature children, it is to say that people have to survive somehow. They have to grow up. They have to get a job and raise their children. Doing all this is difficult, very difficult without some beliefs or religion or moral support and it is also difficult without a government of some sort to protect you and your rights.

So, I see religions in general in the long run as principles that allow a society to not tear itself completely apart in mass chaos. Likewise, I see governments as useful in providing medical care directly or indirectly and protecting the nation from attacks from the outside and making sure food is distributed fairly and the human rights are observed as equally as possible.

So, in the end those who choose spirituality whether within the confines of a religion or church or not find themselves well loved. And those who choose religions for only political manipulations of people for money or status are reviled. And those who choose to manipulate Nations to harm the poor worldwide are reviled even by themselves if no one ever finds out but them. And those who are spiritual and use their spirituality to help beings wherever they can are blessed.

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