Thursday, August 23, 2018

I expect now a stock market crash if Trump isn't impeached

Trump thinks the market will crash if he is impeached. I would say it's the opposite which is that if Trump is not impeached there likely will be a 25 times worse Great Depression than the last one. You cannot have this many lies going so many directions without a crash. It just isn't possible anymore. Lies create crashes. The truth doesn't create crashes. Trump is presently creating the next Great Depression right now if he isn't impeached soon.

Unfortunately, he might have screwed things up so bad that a Great Depression or 2nd Great Recession is coming whether or not he is impeached he has already screwed things up so badly.

Imagine this: A man has multiple affairs on his wife and then lies about it to her and his children. Even though the women he had affairs with tell the wife and children that these were all true affairs. How much trouble is this man in in his life?

This is Trump in every way shape and form. You cannot have this many lies without consequences in your life even if you are a billionaire.

Trump warns of stock market crash if he's ever impeached: 'I think everybody would be very poor'

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