Thursday, August 23, 2018

This has been a pretty awful summer for the State of California part 2

So, this isn't just now about California but also about Washington state, and Oregon and western states in total. This has been an disaster that isn't over yet.

Yesterday driving south we stopped at an IN N Out Burger place which is a much nicer (food quality wise) version of MacDonald's for example.  The Hot shots fighting one of the local fires were there and you could see that their pants were covered with soot from the fires that they had been fighting. When we went outside their equipment was parked around the Burger place. By the way if you are from another state and want a 1950s style burger with fries made on the spot (not using frozen potatoes) or a milk shake (in an out burger) is where you want to go here in California.

So, all these guys were in very good shape and sort of looked like they were training for "Seal Team 6" or something. So, it was interesting just how buff these guys really were.

Anyway, this is California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona and many other states right now. Now it is 24hour a day 12 month a year fires never ending.

This is why Montecito took such a hit because the fire last winter was only a couple weeks before a serious serious downpour that destroyed everything  there. Until you have seen 1 to 10 million dollar homes, cars and people washed for miles into the ocean by boulders, mud and rocks you really cannot imagine what happened here.

And they won't let them rebuild because now all the root systems in the hills and mountains went into the ocean too which made this a permanent flood plain where it wasn't before.This is how radical a change we are dealing with here in California between the fires and floods and in an El Nino year we probably haven't seen anything yet. We will know just how bad it was by next May or June about the beginning of the next fire season.

So, when you hear about 1000 people dying in India from the Monsoons this summer (which already happened by the way) maybe more people will take serious what the world is facing now?

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