Friday, August 24, 2018

I was thinking more about jet Skis

One day in the past few years my cousin and I sailed out to sea past the breakwater likely from either Newport Beach or Long beach harbor (I think the first because that is where he had his sailboat moored first) and when we went out into the open ocean with his 25 foot sailboat  we noticed 3 people on two jet skis. To my cousin and I this seemed pretty nuts simply because they appeared to be heading for Catalina on Jet Skis. I suppose theoretically this is possible to do because Catalina is only 26 miles off the coast of California but it seemed like a crazy thing to do because what if one of the jet skis broke down?

But, I also suppose if one broke down they were figuring that the first one could tow the other one either to Catalina or back to Newport Beach? I guess you see as many crazy things on the ocean as you might on a freeway anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area. For me, Sailing to Catalina in a boat over 20 feet or so makes sense but going on a Jet ski? I know I'm not up for that simply because of the rollers it is going to give your body a beating going that far going or coming riding on a jet ski because rollers average between 3 to 6 feet rollers and if there is any wind at all there could be white caps (and they aren't fun at all in a wind even with a wet suit on unless you are wearing goggles and a hood I'm thinking and maybe gloves depending upon the temperatures which can be as warm as about 80 to 85 but usually cooler most times of the year because you are on the Pacific Ocean next to California.

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