Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Among the international alt-right, Putin is widely seen as a last defender of Christian values

Among the international alt-right, Putin is widely seen as a last defender of Christian values.

In Putin's Alt-Right Christian Russia, Women are supposed to obey their husbands and if you are gay you probably shouldn't tell anyone or you might wind up dead. This likely is why Putin is often seen as a defender of the Faith for Christianity around the world among the Alt-Right (similar to Hitler in this point of view).

So, in the very strange world we live in, Putin (who was an avowed Communist in the 1980s and even a Colonel in the KGB in East Germany, now somehow has morphed himself into the Alt-Right Defender of Christianity around the world? So, how does an avowed Atheist (Communist) Colonel in the Notorious KGB (from a U.S. point of view) wind up being the Alt-Right defender of Christianity?

I don't know you tell me.

It's difficult for me to see Putin as anything but very very Machievellian.

What does this mean? Say one thing but do another basically.

In other words both Putin and Trump are Machievellian in that they both will say almost anything to get what they want.

Whether it is true or not doesn't really matter to them because the ends justify the means to both of them.

For example, Trump has already said he could kill someone (as candidate for president) and still get elected. Knowing Trump this actually might be true. We know for sure it is true for Putin. (Which might be why Trump is afraid of Putin.)

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