Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Why is Trump President?

From an intuitive's point of view the only logical reason he was allowed to be president is that he will be (and is) responsible for millions and in the long run billions of deaths (mostly from starvation) here on earth.

Why would this be allowed?

Because countries like the U.S., China and Russia and a few others have time travel equipment first brought to Eisenhower in the 1950s through Time Space UFOs.

So, because we can now "See" what the future brings Trump is here to screw things up enough so many millions die from Starvation (and possibly wars too) during the next 50 years or so.


Because on the time line where Hillary became President the human race went extinct from terrorists between 2080 and 2090. But on Trump's time line those same terrorists don't survive these times and never grow up.

So, my thought as an intuitive is that Trump is president so those terrorists (and a whole lot of other people) don't survive to 2080 or 2090 so it buys the human race 20 to 50 more years to try not to go extinct.

Just remember extinction is permanent. Anything else where humans survive and can still have children means there is hope for some kind of future for the human race on this planet or another.

So, it's quite likely that Trump is now taking us into a worldwide Great Depression where up to 1/2 of the people presently on earth may not survive.

This (given all present variables) is what appears to be happening right now.

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