Sunday, December 23, 2018

The stock market is now down 4000 to 5000 points from it's high

Which is why Trump is panicked because of the economy. However, if he fires Powell of the Fed he will start not only a Recession but likely either another (Great Recession or Great Depression) one or the other.


Because there are some things if you mess with you destroy about half of the lives of people in the U.S. and messing with the FED will completely destroy anyone on a fixed income who is disabled or who is retired or whatever.

So, if you want your mother, father, aunt, Grandmother, Grandfather to be financially destroyed allowing Trump to mess with Powell and the Fed will accomplish their financial ruin completely.

The ONLY people on earth who might be helped by firing Powell are the richest people on earth (like Trump and his family. So, if Trump gets away with firing Powell you KNOW either another Great Recession or Great Depression will be here within 1 to 2 years. That is a given now!

What has caused this drop in the Stock Market?

Mainly, the Trade War with China is bankrupting people in China and the U.S. who are farmers and business owners in China and the U.S. right and left now. Family farmers, especially Soy Bean Farmers in places like North Dakota who might have owned their farms in their families 150 years or more will probably be the first to go bankrupt from the Trade War here in the U.S. They are likely to lose everything because of Trump's Trade War against China within 6 months to a year. And they aren't the only ones in the U.S. and China going bankrupt either because of the Trade War started by Trump.

And just like the Trade War with Japan by the U.S. caused Pearl Harbor and the beginning of World war II, Trump's trade war with China might do the same. But, world war III won't be armies. Instead it is likely to be against people with Credit Cards and ATM cards and blowing up gas mains and shutting down power and gas in the middle of Winters and Summers so the most people will die in all countries involved in this. (Especially in the U.S. and China the way this is presently going.).

So, in all likelihood it will be a Cyber war where people die in power outages and fires like Paradise and Santa Rosa and Redding and people blow up in their houses from large gas mains becoming over pressurized like in

Allentown in the Fall:

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Sep 14, 2018 - A month later, the same thing happened in Allentown, Pa. and five people died. Meanwhile, in December 2013, a gas pipeline blew up outside ...

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Sep 14, 2018 - LEMOULT: Gas workers hammered away at the streets, opening up small manholes ... to have been caused by a problem in high-pressure gas lines. ... night when the house blew up, and the chimney fell on the car killing him.

So, what I"m saying here is that "The Cyber war might already have begun" through fires and gas mains blowing up already. How would the average person know?

The answer is: "They wouldn't" unless the governments wanted the people to know it.

That way if they die they think it's just an act of God rather than warfare.

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