Wednesday, December 26, 2018

What can YOU do to make sure your children have oxygen to breathe in the future?

IF you own land, plant trees and water them enough to keep them alive if it isn't too expensive for you. Or plant trees on friends acreage (with their permission). This is the best way I know to make sure your children can still breathe oxygen in the future. Because It looks like the seas might be too hot soon (most places) for diatoms and plankton to survive, except for rare high heat diatoms and plankton.

Oxygen does occur naturally but only diatoms, Plankton, trees and plants make oxygen from carbon dioxide that people (and that everything that breathes breathes out). So, you need something to separate the Oxygen from the Carbon dioxide so humans can still breathe here on earth. And only plants and trees and diatoms and plankton actually do that. Kelp is a plant that does that too by the way in the ocean.

But it likely would be best if your children live in a forest among the trees (especially in the future) when plankton and diatoms might be dead most places on earth from oceans too hot for plankton, kelp or diatoms (most species) to survive. But, it is also true that if all diatoms and plankton are dead so is most aquatic life in oceans too. Because this is where the food chain begins (with plankton) in the oceans of the world. So, there might be some plants that survive as well as aquatic life that can handle warmer oceans. Otherwise most fish and aquatic life will just migrate further and further to the north towards the North Pole as the oceans warm (above the equator). Or below the equator, further and further south as the oceans warm towards Antarctica.

right now air tends to be 80% oxygen and under 20% oxygen. But, as more humans and other animals and life keeps breathing and we burn things like Gas and diesel and forests there is more carbon dioxide as well as (carbon monoxide which isn't safely breathable for humans and other things that breathe air).

If you want to see what too much carbon dioxide is like get in bed and pull the covers over your head and breathe for awhile and notice you keep breathing faster and faster and if you do this long enough you would pass out from too much carbon dioxide. So, you remove your head from under the covers of your bed so you can breathe air with enough oxygen in it so you can survive and stay alive.

What is actually happening is you are breathing up all the usable oxygen (under the covers) and all that is left is the carbon dioxide that you breathe out. (which won't keep you conscious very long).

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