Friday, December 28, 2018

Went to Corona Del Mar today

The cold winds everywhere were blocked by the cliffs at Corona Del mar next to the jetties taking boats out from Newport Harbor marinas there this afternoon. So, it was a sunny wonderful experience and the only place warm enough I found for my 4 year old grandson to go running into the waves there at Corona Del mar Beach. It brought back memories of being 4 years old myself there when my mother almost drowned in a rip tide when she swam out to far. She was used to the Puget Sound without big waves or rip tides and almost drowned before my father left me on the beach alone to go rescue my mother who likely would have drowned there If Dad hadn't rescued  her there. So, there I was as a 4 year old alone on the beach with my Dad and Mom hopefully not drowning in the ocean then. We were just moving down from Seattle then in the early 1950s. Luckily, they both made it back to shore so I was very relieved I still had two parents alive then.

Today was an idyllic day there with very few people there with 25 million dollar homes clinging to the cliffs there next to the Jetties with sailboats heading out to sea. To have a view of the ocean and Catalina island now fetches 25 million dollars or more in this place for a home. MY father's aunt lived here in the early 1950s which is why we visited this beach then for one of our first beach experiences in Southern California when I was 4.

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