Monday, December 24, 2018

Grace in your life comes from treating all beings around you with compassion

By treating all beings with compassion you generate compassion. However, it has to be genuine and not put on. It has to come from your heart to create Grace. People who can see "God" in all life tend to generate Grace in their lives. This expands as you move through your lives as well. For me, the biggest change was when I realized I was on a "Christian Power path" but I realized at core the critical view I had of many others different than me was "dark" or evil. So, I chose to move beyond dualistic thinking to Non-dualistic thinking and to embrace the compassion based path of Buddhism (but I didn't give up being a mystical Christian either). I just decided not to be critical of those different than me as I walked and drove through my life. This was a quantum jump in perception where there became a new (for me) equality of all living things including people, trees, animals and all life forms in the universe of any size. By attaining this compassionate equality as seeing all living things as a form of God I entered a state of Grace.

In some ways if I go back to think about how I was in the 1960s and 1970s I was evolving towards this "State of Grace" but I entered into Grace fully by the early 1980s. Everything in my life changed dramatically one by one after that. In 1985 I traveled in December to India, Nepal, Thailand and Japan. I went to Bodhgaya and was initiated along with my family and 500,000 others into the Kalachakra Tantra there by the Dalai Lama for several days which was quite an amazing experience. Then I traveled to Varanasi and the Burning Ghat and saw where the first students of Buddha nearby there became the first Buddhist monks. Then I traveled to Dharamshala, India where the Dalai Lama lives and met many monks and lamas including Lam Rim Geshe who just came out of seclusion of a 17 year meditation who is the actual basis for Yoda (even though he is or was in reality about 6 feet tall) (after all this was 1986 in January when I met him along with my family.

Ever since this trip to India and Nepal and Thailand and Japan for 4 months my life has been very different than before in many different ways.

The biggest difference is an ongoing state of compassion for all beings generally speaking and an added protection I experience 24 hours a day since then as well. The more kindness you generate through your prayers and practices, the more life will help you in amazing amazing ways to continue to generate kindness and compassion towards all life in the universe in the past, present and future including towards yourselves.

It becomes in the interests of all life around you to keep you alive as long as possible so you can continue to generate a "Heaven Field" around you for hundreds of feet, or miles or planet wide, depending upon how long and how strong you have generated your prayers into form.

It's sort of like you are a builder building homes but instead you are building a heaven realm that expands every moment you keep generating your prayers for the continued health and happiness for all mankind and all life in the universe in the past, present and future.

By God's Grace

Merry Christmas Earth and the Whole Universe in the past, present and Future!

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