Friday, December 28, 2018

I consider myself a realist


Because most people who aren't realists by their early 20s to 30s don't even make it to 40 that's why.
Most people who stay complete idealists usually check out of their bodies by 30 or at most 40.

It's painful to be a realist because it's what it takes to stay alive and healthy enough to survive.

Often not drinking or smoking and never doing drugs (except prescribed medicines for illnesses) is what it takes to make it even to 50 let alone 70 or 80 or 90. Eating organic foods without food additives and getting healthy exercise also can lengthen your lives as well as things like vitamins, especially b-12 sublinguals over 50 for the many people who cannot process B vitamins after 50 in their stomachs any longer.

So, for them without B-12 their brains cannot function without at least B-12 sublinguals or a b-12 shot in the rear end (at the very least monthly) if you are not going to do the B-12 sublinguals.

However, if you are not an idealist too up to at least 25 or 30 this often reduces your lifespan as well, (especially if you get PTSD from Gangs or fighting overseas in the military).

So, usually it takes some idealism and some realism to survive your life. If you are ONLY a realist when you are young you are often so efficient that no one wants to be around you because you aren't any fun. But, if you are such an idealist that you sound like a flake to everyone that doesn't work either.

The Greeks said "Moderation in all things" which is basically the Middle path of Buddhism of having the string on the stringed instrument not to tight and not to loose. This is called the  Lam Rim path or the Middle path of Buddhism also based on "moderation in all things as well".

Somehow this "balanced approach" is the most likely to get you through to 90 or 100 in your lives.

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