Sunday, December 23, 2018

The U.S. Government expected the Pearl Harbor attack

I was talking to someone who lives in Japan and he was telling me about how Pearl Harbor attack came about. He said that the Trade War against Japan by the U.S. made the Japanese "Honor bound" to attack the U.S.

He said that Japan never wanted to go to war with the U.S. ever, they only wanted to "Punish" the "Dishonorable" way they were treated by the U.S. according to their codes of ethics. The other interesting thing he said was that all the best U.S. naval ships had already been moved out of pearl harbor leaving only obsolete ships with mostly Green untrained sailors on those ships left in the harbor. And there was almost no anti-aircraft fire against the Japanese either that day.

So, like I said in previous articles I was right about the trade war with Japan and also right about the Japanese striking the U.S. out of "honor" according to their rules of behavior because they felt they had been mistreated by the U.S. during the U.S. trade war against them just before Pearl Harbor.

I think the U.S. knew they were going to attack but needed a good reason to go to war with Japan and Germany and that's why it happened the way it did. So, on the American side most of what we hear was only propaganda and not the actual truth of what was really going on.

If you study the times the anti-war sentiment (especially after the horrors of World War I) was really really strong in the U.S. So, the only way FDR could bring us into World War II was to lie to the American people about all this. But, in the end the U.S. was the ONLY Major nation to come out of World War II relatively unscathed with our country (mainland U.S.) basically unscathed and we only lost 900,000 people (Mostly civilians) during world war II as well. Whereas Russia lost 20 to 30 million people to World war II. Other nations lost millions too.

The U.S. financially did very well after world war II because we were the last large nation standing who hadn't been attacked on our mainland so we still had factories to help Europe and Japan and China and Russia rebuild and we loaned them money from 1945 onwards which made the U.S. the most wealthy nation on earth because of this until around 1973 with the Arab Oil embargo when oil went from about 17 cents a gallon of gas up to 50Cents to a dollar a gallon by 1980. This caused successive recessions throughout the 1970s and 1980s because of the increase in the price of Gas and diesel here in the U.S.

I am comparing the Trade war against Japan before Pearl Harbor to the Trade War presently against China. And the Trade War against China is the single stupidest thing happening on earth and likely will bring either a world wide Recession or 2nd Great Depression because of Trump.

What is actually presently happening:

"Putin is blackmailing Trump to have a Trade War with China to destroy China's economy and (Putin's hoping) the U.S. economy too."

This is what is actually happening here.

The Reason:

Putin doesn't want a wealthy China that can overrun Russia like it overran Tibet.

So, if you are wondering strategically what is actually going on that's it.

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