Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Writing about the Past, present and future

If you are naturally intuitive like I have always been, my mother has always been, my grandmother has always been and my father has always been, you might start writing one day and be writing something that already happened in the past, present and future.

Why would you write about something that already happened?

Because as a soul you might not fully understand why what happened happened. So, you are still trying to figure out why something happened.

We all usually want to understand our lives. If someone whips you as a child don't you want to understand why they did that?

 So, the same is true of past life memories in the past, present or future.

If you are a very old soul (millions or billions of years) like me then you have quite a repertoire of experiences to draw from.

Then you also understand that there may be infinite amounts of time lines too which changes everything too.

By the way "how crazy is this timeline we are living on with Trump anyhow?"

This is the craziest it has ever been in the U.S. ever and I have been around since 1948 and remember everything since 1950 in my life too.

I thought Nixon was insane but Trump is like Senile Dementia and Alzheimers combined which is the scariest president I ever hope to see in my lifetime.

Maybe it's sort of like when you walk through a bad neighborhood you act like a crazy person, because people might not know what you are going to do next and just leave you alone and safe to pass through unharmed.

However, if there are too many crazy people in the same neighborhood at the same time this doesn't work either.

My point is that if you are intuitive don't be surprised what you write about your past, present and future that you are still trying to work out in the now.

Your souls are timeless. But, when your soul is resident in a body like here on earth it thinks that time is real. (But Time is only relative) (It's not really real) in any ultimate sense.

Why did humans invent the concept of time: "To make slaves of others so they would come to work on time and slave until they died working."

So, really, how useful is time to your soul?

Now that's a really interesting question.

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