Sunday, December 30, 2018

Santa Barbara Pier is an interesting place

At the base of State Street at the ocean there is the Santa Barbara Pier. My wife and I like eating at Moby Dick's out on the pier sometimes by the way because you can look through the glass to see all the boats from the Santa Barbara Yacht Club and Harbor there launching or coming in while you eat food there. So, once in a while while we are in town we either eat there or take relatives or friends or both there when we are in town.

This time my son's wife and son had never been here before so I drove them out on the pier with my truck. One of the most interesting things is you would think the pier would run east and west out to sea but because of the location of Santa Barbara is different instead the pier runs north and south as you can see when you get to the end of the pier it is marked on the pier where north and south actually are.

And on top of everything else it turns out that I actually found a parking place way out on the pier the day before new year's eve which is quite an accomplishment too because of the number of cars competing for parking places. But, I happened (once again) to be in the right place at the right time just as someone was pulling out of their parking place.

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