Tuesday, December 25, 2018

If Trump remains in office I'm convinced there will be a 2nd Great Depression

If you do your research you see the 600 plus drop yesterday Christmas Eve in the stock market was "ENTIRELY" do to Trump's tweets which took us to the worst drop since 1931 during the Great Depression regarding drops in the market on Christmas eve.

So, my point of view is if Trump is "such a loose Cannon" he is jeapordizing all investors in the U.S. stock market now worldwide. And what happens to the U.S. Stock market sends waves and ripples throughout ALL stock markets worldwide.

So, as long as Trump is in office now it is pretty obvious that his present level of chaos is taking the whole world into a 2nd Great Depression.

One wonders if whatever Putin has on Trump is enough to make Trump "take a gun to his own head?" What is happening already is unbelievable from any sane person's point of view on earth!

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