Friday, December 21, 2018

I had to be "Killed by God" many many times before I accepted God

How did God kill me over and over again? By having me receive a blow to the head around age 9. This eventually caused me to have seizures at night when I was asleep from ages 10 to 15 years of age. I finally was so terrified of these seizures and the experience which was like being "Murdered" each time and waking up shaking for an hour or two that I finally invoked God to live in my body because I just felt I couldn't survive any more seizures.

I wouldn't recommend what I did by the way invoking God to live in your body, however.

As soon as God came into my body my seizures permanently stopped and my physical appearance changed within 3 months and girls started chasing me around when I was 15. I knew it was God that they were attracted to and not me really so this was confusing until I was about 16 and just accepted all this and saw myself as both God and man in the same body and it was okay with me after that. But, it took me until I was 30 to get used to all the supernatural stuff around me or even miles around me until I began to see that I was a gift from God to all mankind wherever I was on earth. And that God had "Tricked" me into being who I am on earth and that I was okay with all this because I saw how people got healed automatically in psychological and spiritual and physical ways whenever I was near them. And that all this stuff happened automatically which allowed me to be God's healing instrument 24 hours a day wherever I was in an anonymous way always everywhere I was sent by God.

by God's Grace

It's nice to be both protected by Archangels and to be a blessing sent by God but don't underestimate what you have to go through until 30 until it all gets integrated in a way you can understand it. I could see how many who did this might not make it to age 30 because it is just so intense a path with so much you have to learn to be effective being an instrument of God. It would be like giving a child a car that travels 300 mph and expecting that child not to kill itself before it became an adult. But, somehow I have made it all the way to 70 now and am still going strong.

By God's Grace

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