Sunday, December 30, 2018

Tribalism is also called Populism

When people say that Tribalism is raising it's ugly head once more they are also speaking about Populism.

If you want to really understand tribalism there is no more apt example than ISIS, the Terrorist organization and what they have been doing starting in Syria around 2012 or so when Assad starting killing children there for demonstrating against him.

To Fully understand populism it started with Arab Spring and then ISIS. Then it moved to Europe because of ISIS and how badly Assad and then Putin were treating the Majority Sunni population of Syria by Assad's Minority government which is Shia like Iran and Iraq.

So, to understand tribalism (and Populism) now you need to study how ISIS formed in reaction to Assad and Putin and the way they treated the Sunnis and killed Sunny children. Then Sunnis bombed and killed Shia children in Yemen in response partly to all this too.

Then millions of people who didn't want to die in Syria and North Africa from ISIS drowned and immigrated (any way they could) to Europe). This then caused populism (like Trump) to form in the U.S. and Europe to become a force much like Hitler became and he was caused by abuse of Germans after World War I by the winning side of that war and all those nations.

So, once again War caused Tribalism which caused populism in the U.S. and Europe which resulted in Brexit and Trump.

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