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Memories Chapter 16 "Now what happens on the 2nd Timeline of New Deva?"

Now that you know from reading Chapter 14 and 15 what happens on the first timeline after Celeste passes away around 3000 Ad. What happens on the 2nd timeline after Young Arcane age 17 becomes "His Oneness of New Deva?

We left Prophetess and Ah Ray In trying not to say too much about what was concerning Ah Ray In. She was trying to take good care of her sister's future timelines.

Young Arcane woke up and wondered why he was in Ah Ray In's bed. At first he was worried that he had made some mistake or something but then remembered not only was his body lighting up Ah Ray In's room but he reached up and touched the flame on his forehead and it said, "Good morning, Oneness."

Arcane (Oneness asked the flame) "Who exactly am I talking to when you say good morning to me?"

The Flame said, "I'm one of the millions of mind tracks of The Galactic Sentience in the Core of the Galaxy."

Arcane Oneness: "Is this real time or is there some sort of delay?"

The Flame: "There's no delay at all instant communication."

Arcane Oneness: "So, the point of the flame is instant communication with the Galactic Sentience 24 hours a day?"

The Flame: "Yes and I conferred basic immortality on Ah Ray In and Prophetess recently when you were integrating yourselves with them?"

Arcane Oneness: "Integrating myself with them?"

The Flame: "Yes. You were integrating yourself with the two sister Saints of New Deva."

Arcane Oneness: "What does that actually mean?"

The Flame: "It means that Saints automatically do the right thing because they live from their hearts and intuition. Because of this integration now so will you."

Arcane Oneness: "Are the three of us like one person now?"

The Flame: "No. It's not like that. It's sort of you are like a family working together for the greater good of all beings everywhere."

Arcane Oneness: "So, they are like a spiritual family of mine."

The Flame: "They just became sort of like two  Sisters who are also your potential Consorts."

Arcane Oneness: "I'm not sure that is even legal on New Deva."

The Flame: "You are a Oneness now and Galactic Rules now apply that didn't before."

Arcane Oneness: "Should I tell New Deva this with my mind?"

The Flame: "NO. It's better this is just between you and me for now."

Arcane Oneness: "And the Galactic Sentience is okay with this?"

The Flame: "Yes."

Arcane was wondering where all this was going.

Arcane Oneness: "Am I supposed to start repairing timelines now?"

The Flame: "NO. You are still integrating all aspects of being a Oneness."

Arcane Oneness: "How long does this usually take?"

The Flame: "Usually around 5 years unless there is some sort of emergency then you would be taken out of your timeline, allowed to mature as a Oneness for 5 years and then put back the next second. But Old Arcane of the 1st timeline did most of the hardest work so you can have time to learn who you are on the 2nd timeline you are living on now.

Arcane Oneness: "How many actual timelines are on New Deva right now?"

The Flame: "4.but we don't know how many will be allowed to continue. For now the only one we know will be for sure allowed to continue is timeline 2 and timeline 1 of course. We will observe what happens on 3 and 4 to see what needs to be done over time."

Arcane Oneness: "So, You or I find out stuff and we inform each other about it?"

The Flame: "No. You and the Galactic Sentience find out about stuff and you both know about it immediately. Sharing happens instantaneously. So, there is no need for you to explain stuff to him mostly, He will just know what you know."

Arcane Oneness: "Oh."

The Flame: "However, there are more formal situations that he will come here and you will hand out special glasses so people don't go blind when he comes here.

Arcane Oneness: "He will come here?"

The Flame: "Only on specific types of occasions when other people are involved. The you have to try to protect them from the Galactic Sentience if you can.  Because if they start telling white lies at all they will be incinerated. So, because of this you sort of should discourage people from having an audience with the Galactic Sentience because it is often fatal if their psychology isn't right for it. So, actually the Galactic Sentience doesn't like to incinerate people because they don't meet his standards. Usually, it really isn't useful to the soul because it just sort of traumatizes the soul when this happens to have their body burned up."

Arcane Oneness thought about how he was supposed to protect other beings from the Galactic Sentience. Flame. Is His Oneness of Earth still here?"

Flame: "He will be here in a moment in his Blue Sphere."

Arcane Oneness: "Am I bothering him?"

Flame: "NO. Because he will come at any time he has free and come to the moment here that you need to speak with him."

HIs Oneness showed up in the Blue Sphere in Ah Ray In's Room unannounced: He said, "I hope this isn't an intrusion regarding Ah Ray In's and Prophetess' family?"

Arcane Oneness: "Maybe we should just ride out over the ocean or under the ocean and talk a little?"

Oneness of Earth: "Okay. Hop aboard."

Arcane Oneness: "So, we can do this without disturbing their mother right?"

Oneness of Earth: "Of course. Do you want to leave a note?"

Arcane Oneness: "I left a video message on Ah Ray IN's View screen."

Oneness of Earth: "Yes. They won't worry that way."

So, they rode the Blue Sphere out over the ocean and went down into the ocean so His Oneness could see some of the Ocean life there.

It was a very unusual experience for His Oneness of Earth being under the water on another planet than his own looking at sea creatures milling about that he was unfamiliar with.

Arcane Oneness said, "How do you protect people from being incinerated by the Galactic Sentience when they want a meeting with him?"

His Oneness of Earth: "Well. First you discourage anyone you think is two faced from ever having an audience with the Galactic Sentience in the first place. You just say "NO!" a lot and don't change your mind. People get offended a lot but you have kept them alive. Then, for example, Old Arcane of the first timeline came to me because he had accidentally started a 2nd timeline by having to be honest with Ah Ray In about what happens in her future on the first timeline. He came to me and told me he didn't know what to do. So, I said, "I can help you." and I showed him what could be done. So, for the next 5 to 10 years I suggest that you come to me and ask me like Old Arcane did when he felt lost after telling Ah Ray In the truth required by Betrothed beings on your planet."`

Arcane Oneness: "Wow! I don't think I fully heard this part of the story. So, he changed time without asking you or The Galactic Sentience. Wasn't that risky?"

Earth Oneness: "Yes. But, he was obligated by putting himself there with Celeste (Ah Ray In's) next incarnation on that timeline."

Arcane Oneness: "But, she won't die on this timeline and Celeste might not be born at all on the 2nd timeline?"

Earth Oneness: "That's likely true."

Arcane Oneness: I became aware that after Celeste passes on in 3000 AD that Old Arcane on the first timeline then marries 18 year old Prophetess on the 1st timeline as well."

Earth Oneness: "That's correct."

Arcane Oneness: "What does all that have to do with me as Arcane Oneness on the 2nd timeline?"

Earth Oneness: "On one level absolutely nothing except that you are now timeline master of both timelines."

Arcane Oneness: "I'm confused about what you are telling me exactly."

Earth Oneness: "In other words it's better to let sleeping dogs lie and not be jealous of yourself on another timeline."

Arcane Oneness: "I get the feeling that you have had to deal with something like this on Multiple timelines too." He smiled at this towards Earth Oneness.

Earth Oneness: "Unfortunately, you are right. That's why I advise you to let sleeping dogs lie in regard to multiple timelines. For example, check this out. On my first timeline (I'm the first timeline Earth Oneness from Lemuria for example my consort decided to stay on Lemuria during the multi-galactic time storm which eventually killed her family and her because they couldn't come with us to  Shamballa where I live where no one ages in stasis around Earth."

Arcane Oneness looked incredulously at Earth Oneness: "No One Ever Ages? That means no one ever needs regeneration?"

Earth Oneness: "That's right.So, the love of my life I had to live without because she chose to die with her parents in the time Storm from another galaxy when we created Shamballa so some of us from Lemuria wouldn't die in the Time Storm. So, I had to live without my beloved 40,000 years so far."

Arcane Oneness: "Didn't you have other relationships?"

Earth Oneness: "I'd rather not talk about it right now but maybe later."

Arcane Oneness knew when to shut up about something and he did.

Arcane Oneness: "So you are saying I'm lucky to have two consorts of Ah Ray In and Prophetess at the same time?"

Earth Oneness: "Yes. Having them both immortal and available as friends and mentors to you is priceless in your life and training and the continuity you likely will experience with both of them in your life whether they are sisters or wives or consorts or just friends."

Arcane Oneness: "Whereas both you and Old Arcane really had to suffer a lot especially you."

Earth Oneness laughed for quite a while and then said, "Yes. But after a while I got over the initial shock and moved on like most men do. The ones who really sometimes suffer for a lifetime are women who can bond with only one man or maybe don't find the right man to bond with and are alone. Those are who I really feel for over time."

Arcane Oneness: "Yes. As men we three are lucky to have the capacity to move on."

Earth Oneness: "You are lucky in that you might never have to."

Arcane Oneness nodded. He had learned many amazing things today that he never would have expected.

His Oneness dropped off Arcane Oneness back in Ah Ray In's Room and went to visit Old Arcane.

Old Arcane was with his family still on New Deva mending the timelines. When you start a new timeline you have to stay with it or it will become a time shard. Someone has to be minding the ranch so to speak.

His Oneness of Earth telepathed ahead to Old Arcane: "Can I come and visit you at your underwater hotel?"
Old Arcane telepathed back: "Are you here on New Deva?"
His Oneness of Earth: "Yes"

Old Arcane said, "I'm basically free right now. Would you like to meet my family?"

His Oneness of Earth: "Yes. I would love that."

So, His Oneness of Earth popped over to the underwater hotel Old Arcane, Celeste, Darcy and Star were all staying at.

When he arrived Old Arcane introduced him to his family there on New Deva.

Earth's Oneness said: "It's really great to finally meet you all. I've known Old Arcane here for some time now."

Celeste: "When did you and Arcane first meet?"

Earth's Oneness: Well. I have to jog my memories. The first time I met one of our incarnations was back in Lemuria."

Celeste: "Which incarnation was that?"

Earth's Oneness: "I first met Jonathan and Elohar and Ragna and the Crew of the Awesome then."

Celeste: "The Awesome?"

Earth's Oneness: "Yes. It's a time space ship used primarily to scan all the time lines of Earth by King Interlaken and Elohar and Ragna of the 1st timeline around 7000 AD.

Celeste: "It's amazing you met them back in Lemuria days!"

Earth's Oneness: "I had to summon them to me. They didn't come willingly."

Celeste: "Could you tell me about how all that came about?"

Earth's Oneness watched as the family gathered in the Air breather room so all could hear his story of how this took place:

This is a partial quote from:

Chapter 5

Jonathan was introduced to the Awesome. Ragna manifested the awesome as the physical hologram Jan, a bucksome blonde who seemed very concerned with Jonathan's well-being." Jan telepathed, "Your soul wrote my seed sentient program millions of years ago." There was awe in her telepathic tone. Ragna said, "Jan will educate you so that you can be with us without damaging your present life when you return to 1986, Jonathan." "Jonathan? I am manifesting in this form so you will recognize me when I come into your life as an old friend returned in 1994. Though you won't remember me consciously you will be prepared for my return." said Jan, ships sentient.

Ragna said," Were taking off from India, Jonathan, and going toward Hawaii." Okay, but will I ever see my family again?" " Time travel is as safe as when you rode to Japan on that 747 Jonathan." "I guess it's okay." Said Jonathan. But he was mostly dazzled, awed, and in some kind of psychological shock. He kept telling himself that this was a dream even though he knew quite well it wasn't. He knew, however, that pretending it was a dream was useful in maintaining long term mental stability in a situation like this.

As the awesome rose into the sky the Tibetan monks beat their drums and chanted their puja to Padmasambhava. They watched the purple violet meteorite move up and shoot across the sky.

As the awesome passed over the Hawaiian Islands and specifically Haleakala Crater on Maui, Hawaii a time storm hit. Elohar fainted from the neural effects of the heightened electrical corona. Jonathan said" Mom!" And caught her before her body hit the deck.

Ragna swore and said," I think were under attack but I can't tell from where or when the attack has been launched from." As Ragna, Hawk, and Free struggled with the Awesome's instruments and control surfaces. Jonathan watched the Time Beacon move back in increments into the past to the date 44,733 B.C. to the month of June. Jonathan's jaw dropped. He said," My God, I think were in Lemuria or Mu. Suddenly everything stopped. Hawk said after looking at his viewscreen, "North America is a different place than we knew." Jonathan Gasped As the hair stood up on the back of his neck he said," I'm home!" The three time officers looked at him with more than a little concern. Ragna spoke first," What do you mean, Jonathan?" "Nothing to fear guys I haven't lost it. It's just that I 've always known somehow that this era was my real home." The Time officers weren't sure fully what to make of Jonathan's words but there was a little relief from their functional terror about the situation. However, stress over the whole situation was still written strongly on their faces faces.

Hawk said," This is just too slick, General we are over 30,000 years in previously inaccessible time. What shall we do, Sir?" Ragna never looked so focused,"Well, they didn't kill us and they went to the trouble to bring us here. So they must want us alive. Maybe they just want a time treaty or information. This could be the best or the worst that is ever happened to our civilization. Get out our dress uniforms. We may have just become political envoys from our civilization." Free said," I sent out a distress call to our home time. It should have automatically told our King that we somehow breached the past time barrier. Ragna said, "If we don't return in five days to our own era, our duplicates will duplicate and one set will come after us." Hawk said, "they may not be able to breach the past time barrier like we did." "That's true," said General Ragna, "unless this era decides to let them through. So for now it's just us five and the Awesome Sentience. Whatever happens we've got to stick together."

An unearthly voice rose out of Elohar's unconscious body. "No! There is only one on earth, Infidels. You are presently being absorbed into the One. None in the Awesome could move. Sweat poured down Ragna, Hawk and Free's faces. However Jonathan felt totally at home. Tears of joy and relief poured down his face. Hearing the voice of the Lemurian God King speaking from Elohar's unconscious body was amazing for him.

Frozen in place Ragna, Free and Hawk experienced extreme terror in what to them was a deathlike experience and then momentarily the awareness of the peace of a baby. "We have been altered men. Record in case we survive." The voice from Elohar boomed," Your normal modes of consciousness will be returned to you when you leave our era and return to your home times. Your ancestors, us, the oneness, have brought you here. We are the creators, refiners, and destroyers and maintainers of all cultures and creatures on earth past, present, and future. The reason all of you have been brought here is that the time alteration your kingdom has carried out through some of you is distressing too many eras and souls. It is interfering in their karmic patterns too greatly."

"It could be said, General Ragna, that you are too proficient at what you do." "If that's a complement, Sir, then I thank you!" "It is. However you need our training in order to prevent further soul and karmic harm. In order for us to allow you to continue you must follow our specific directions." "Sir? Before you alter us the purposes and the security of the era and the security of my home era is paramount to me. Could you please contact my king and government so diplomatic relations can be established?" "This meeting must remain secret for now until we understand each other better, Ragna. Your subconscious mind is now monitored by the one god mind awareness of the Lemurian oneness. You need to understand, Ragna, that thoughts and feelings are things. Thoughts and feelings can be fists and swords or whatever you wish. They are in fact just the same as the real physical article in their effect on souls, bodies and minds. In your history you have the saying, "The pen is mightier than the sword." "Yes, your oneness I have heard of that. It's quite true. But if I may say so what you are doing here in this culture is a breach of our rights in my culture." "I understand that, General, but to quote your history again, ' when in Rome do as the Romans." "Yes, Your oneness I understand." "Besides General all of your free will will be returned when you're all returned your home times with in a few weeks."

" How should we proceed then, General Ragna?" "The way in which you all process information is alien to us in my era, your oneness." " In our society there is no you or I there is only the one composite us." "Pardon my asking, Sir but doesn't that make your society vulnerable?" "Yes. In the near future it does but in the era we live in it works perfectly well. None survive who attack us. They are simply absorbed by the oneness. When the oneness is no longer an advantage to the survival of life on earth we then remove our civilization from this dimension to one that cannot be attacked." "Amazing! Though I am used to something else I have never felt such peace." said Ragna. "Already you are moving quickly toward Lemurian enlightenment" said that King. "I can feel it, your oneness. Is it permanent?" "Yes your new enlightenment will interface perfectly and perfectly with your previous disciplines and consciousness." While Ragna was playing this game with His Oneness he was thinking, "how are we going to get out of this one? My home time and country may be at stake."

His Oneness went on, "In the 20,000 years of your home era the mystics of all religions and philosophies strive for lifetimes to obtain what we have reached 200,000 years previous to them. Jonathan and Elohar and you, Ragna, will return to teach this enlightenment to your home eras." "But Sir my training is technical and military!" "All work and no play will make you a dull boy, Ragna."

"Then my past life is over?"

"It's not over. You will still be General Ragna, protector and champion of the King's lands and times. But now you will also be Ragna, the Enlightened, as well. Your king will be quite pleased."

"I am overwhelmed by all this, Your Oneness. You have taken away my rational and logical mind." "Not really, Ragna, I have simply changed what you are choosing to think about. My sister is coming. Please be respectful.**********************************************************************************************************************************************

Suddenly, the powerful presence of a red haired blue-eyed Goddess appeared dressed in a pastel green flowing gown with a green emerald held to her forehead by a golden band.

Elohar once again in control of her senses said," Aurora, is that you?"

"Yes, grandmother, sort of --. My soul is the same as Aurora but I'm wearing a slightly modified body in this now."

"Do you have her memories?"

"Yes, I have all the memories of all my lives. However, I choose not to experience all the feelings and emotions of any of my lives but the one I am presently living. This keeps my mind and emotion stream uncorrupted. Jonathan said," You are the seed soul of my daughter to be, Aurora?" "Yes, we will share in your time many happy and sad experiences."

This was a little too much for Jonathan. Tears welled up in his eyes. In the time he had just come from his daughter had not yet been born.

When it was just the unearthly voice coming through Elohar he could sort of deal with it. But with the presence of this female being he knew he was getting disoriented from time shock and culture shock at the same moment. Her eyes riveted on Jonathan, as he was her father and the father of His Oneness. At the time Jonathan didn't have a clue yet why she was staring at him except he knew she was his daughter. He had not fathered either she or His Oneness yet. That was still in his future. At present Jonathan was completely lost in a culture and time unknown to his own and trying to maintain his wits in a useful way. Just accepting the fact that his daughter to be was an adult over 45,000 years in his past was too much to fathom and stay in a normal frame of mind. So Jonathan decided to pretend for the moment at least it was a dream. In this way he believed he could protect his sensibilities. He was correct.

Ragna signaled Jan secretly to stay invisible in order to carry out emergency security procedures.

"Are you an emissary of the Lemurian government?" Asked Ragna. "Yes, I am sister to His Oneness. Jonathan over there is a was/will be father to us both." Replied the princess. "Are you sure?" questioned Ragna. "Yes!" Was the princess's answer. How should we address you, Princess?" "You may address me in the personal mode as Aurora or Princess Aurora when only your crew and I am present. At all other times address me as Princess of the Oneness as I am to succeed His Oneness should anything ever happened to him in the next 1000 years."

"How long can you live?"

"There is no limit physically. However we live as long as we can put up with physical life. Also, sometimes there are accidents in which our bodies cannot be repaired such as fires and explosions."

"You speak freely with us Princess Aurora. Why is that?" Asked Ragna. "It is because I am karmicly close to you and don't wish to damage old friends souls. Souls can be like butterflies. They are precious but friendships can be delicate through lifetimes. I'm just maintaining positive connections to you all."

"You are protecting us then?"

"Yes, you are under my personal protection while here in my time. Both I and His Oneness my brother will see you all returned home safely without breaching Lemurian security as soon as that can be done and still protect the Holy Lemurian Timeline." "As soon as possible will be best for I and my crew," said arcane. "I am interested in studying your culture but I am very concerned about my own home culture."

" No time damage will be allowed while you're gone General Ragna." Your home time is secure." "Thank you, Princess. Was/will be refers to things that have not happened yet in the time line of the being addressed I presume?" Said Ragna. "Yes. But there is more to it than that. Lemuria is the seed of all past and future it civilization's. Neither time nor space is any obstacle to us. All history exists for the entertainment and learning of Lemurian souls and their guests from other times, dimensions, planets and star systems. I should also tell you that His Oneness is an incarnation of Jonathan."

"Wow!" Said Jonathan.

To which Ragna replied, "Jonathan, do you remember living in another body as His Oneness?"

"Yes,but I'm not sure it is my future or my past or something else entirely." said Jonathan.

"Father, son, brother to brother and so on," Aurora said, "yes, but it means much more than that but it's too soon for you to understand." Ragna agreed. "Yes, I think we're all having difficulty maintaining a useful state of mind in this moment.

Princess Aurora spoke again, "Once you all get used to being part of the oneness and being here in the past future it will be easier to instantly understand anything you need to know about including history, languages and science. However, there is a lag time in figuring out how to make the best use of all the new found knowledge and incorporating it into the worlds you have come from in a way that is useful, and safe for all concerned especially the students.

Ragna with concern said, "You consider yourself the dominant paradigm for all civilizations on Earth then past, present and future?"

"Yes," said Aurora, "even the alien civilizations that visit us here are our guests."

"Oh!" Ragna seemed disturbed by this.

"Don't worry Ragna we brought you here to repair time damage not to punish you and your civilization."

Princess Aurora spoke into a very bright green emerald on her wrist. She said, "I'm transporting your bodies and souls to the palace. Please do not fear as it may cause pain if you do." All understood what she meant.

"Palace guard! Transport all bodies and souls intact to His Oneness' court, now!" With this she touched a green emerald on her wrist to the green emerald on her forehead. The men grunted "uhh!" As if they had been hit in the stomach and Elohar let out a slight scream. The interior of the awesome exploded in green light. The sentient ship Awesome immediately sent a distress call because of what the ship's sentient Jan perceived as the incineration of all who were in the operations room of the awesome. His oneness allowed the distress call to reach the palace in Elohar and Ragna's home time for his own purposes.

New editing point ******************************************************************************

Elohar was very upset after her body was reformed in a new place. "I wasn't designed for this all my disciplines have been disrupted!"

No one but Jonathan and Aurora had any idea what Elohar was so distressed about. They just knew she was upset.

"She's in pieces!", said Jonathan. By this Jonathan meant that although Elohar's soul was intact her spiritual disciplines were fragmented and out of sync. Whereas Ragna, Hawk and Free's thoughts were something like, "Amazing!"

Ragna pushed a single button on his wrist telling Jan and the Awesome that they were all alive. It was then relayed to his home time. It also relayed the opinion of Ragna that, "We are overmatched. Make a treaty with them if possible." Ragna was pale and shaken concerning all these changes but he remained focused and disciplined as he had been trained. Princess Aurora strode over to Elohar and placed a blue sapphire ring against Elohar's forehead and said, "Reorder!" And "Reintegrate!"

"What are you doing to me?" Said Elohar. Aurora replied, "Your disciplines are illegal in this culture. We have to change you, or move you out of our time. We chose to change you for the time being." Your disciplines are being stored fo7028.80r you to be reintegrated later."

Note: This Date is the exit-entry point for Elohar and Ragna's entry into the 21st and 20th centuries and visiting me in Rewalsar,India, Los Angeles and near Etna and the ufo track in 1974 and the US military ufo flight I witness both in proximity or on Mt. Shasta may have been them also. I am not sure whether the Shasta experiences were just US military time travellers or a combination of Ragna, Elohar and US military envoys. 4-22-01 Another thought that has occured to me lately is that the World Trade Organization may be a secret cover for all the democratic nations to secretly spread the knowledge of worldwide alliances with civilizations beyond our time and/or beyond our planet. The years were 1986,1969 and 2000. There were other contacts but not for publication.

From this same exit entry point they entered Lemurian time while visiting the 20th and 21st centuries. I cannot reveal the real time of his Oneness for security reasons. It was between 30,000 and 500,000 BC

Note: Alomar and eomar come from Atlantis or Lemuria. Alomar showed up during the 7028.80 transmissions. Maybe I'll be shown more later. Blessings

"I'm in order now. I'm whole again. They did change me on a subconscious motivational level. The philosophy at my core has changed. Now all life everywhere on Earth and throughout the Galaxy is equal to me regardless of intelligence or size. Humans are not the end all be all of everything in the universe.

His oneness was present and Jonathan became aware of his presence. The lighting changed and his oneness telepathically addressed Jonathan. "We will speak at length and private later. For now, are you the dreamer or the dream?" Jonathan replied telepathically, "Both!" "Excellent!" said his oneness.

His oneness spoke, "General Ragna? As emissary of your civilization and commanding General of your home times I must apologize to you, your crew and your civilization for bringing you here for this command performance. Since we the oneness are the protectors and keepers of time on Earth we have summoned you here."

To this Ragna replied, "Your oneness, I am amazed to be here. We are shaken up but as far as I can tell at present we are not harmed. I am told you wish to question me regarding the time changes in my area. I take full responsibility for any changes made by me or my time cadre on behalf of my king and my era of Earth."

"The problem Ragna is not a problem of action as much as perception. Actions follow perceptions and motivations. We, as the oneness have come to see all life as sacred. Life can take on ill-advised thoughts, forms and actions but even then it does not lose its basic sacredness. It has just then become incomplete or twisted. It is in being too harsh upon incomplete or twisted lifeforms that one creates soul abominations or serious soul abnormalities. Killing or twisting beings is not useful from our perspective because those beings tend to seek revenge as they reincarnate in the past or future or even the present after their demise if they are reincarnating souls. Since it is our pastime to watch souls incarnate and transmigrate we can see the harm ongoing that is done by your civilization's manipulation of time. You honor your civilization and culture but in doing so souls become violated and the time space of Earth becomes unbearable for many souls. Some of the souls you have harmed are your own future incarnations in your own past and future. So even in your own enlightened self-interest you need to learn our ways.

"General Ragna," Said His Oneness, "Let me tell you a story. During that story you will experience the necessary realignment of your soul and senses. Although you would have achieved this in time I'm speeding up the process in the interests of those whose lives who have been harmed.

"I invoke the Divine Selves of all those you have inadvertently harmed in any time past, present or future. I ask them all to assemble here in the spirit now. I ask them all to assist me in correcting all problems now, past, present and future that have been accidentally created through misunderstandings between you and the embodiments of those souls."

Immediately, a whirlwind of lights and energy came into the room and General Ragna was scared and started to shake a little. However, he was well trained and stood his ground. He felt faint but then he heard his Oneness telepathically in his mind. "I invoke your Divine Self too, Ragna, to help create a positive resolution for all souls and for the Earth past, present and future."

Somehow, the energy in Ragna's brain was exploding in electricity. But somehow his body stayed standing. Ragna's men sensed he was in distress but there bodies were riveted to the ground and couldn't move either. Ragna lost consciousness for what seemed to him about a half an hour. When he regained consciousness his whole awareness was different. All fear was gone. Instead what he found could only be described as God Consciousness perfectly interfaced with his own. What he thought was death was instead perfect enlightenment of the Lemurian Oneness.

He saw clearly now why the Lemurian Oneness was so effective. The reason was that all of the most efficient and advanced ways of thinking were available to each citizen. It was like having God with all answers to anything in ones brain at all times. He missed his individuality and separateness but understood also that all life on earth in any time had nothing ever to fear from Ragna ever again. The old Ragna had presumed himself to be the champion of all. But he was wrong. The new Ragna was millions of times more compassionate, aware, instinctual, logical and scarily efficient than Ragna would have ever believed was possible. He was a new man.

Ragna looked at His Oneness and said, " Is this permanent?"

"Yes," His Oneness Said, "What do you think, Ragna?"

"I have never been more amazed in my life!"

"The really incredible thing, Ragna, is that all time mistakes you made have been fixed. Your home world is now 1000% more beautiful, efficient and happy that it was when you left."

The old Ragna would have asked how this was possible. He didn't need to ask he just Knew.

"Would everyone please leave but the crew of the Awesome. You can stay Aurora." "Thank you, your Oneness." Said Aurora.

"I will reveal in my story the Lemurian civilization's journey to another dimension here on Earth thousands of years hence. It will still exist in your day Ragna. I want your King Interlaken to hear this story from my mind and lips. It will be thought and language recorded for him to hear. He will want to learn the Lemurian language if I know him."

Ragna did not have to speak but as emissary of his era he did. "your Oneness my king would be happy to receive the gift of your future move into another dimension."

"I share it because it affects as us so greatly. Come all of you stand around the time pool. Ragna noticed something like a levitating camera position itself above the pool at about 10 feet in elevation. They all stood around the pool. They all felt somewhat disembodied by this whole experience. But at least it was starting to get interesting.

His Oneness stood alongside them. They all stood in a circle around the time pool. His Oneness raised his hands. Immediately they saw

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Darcy said, "Wow! That's some story and it's all true?"

Earth Oneness: Yes. This is how it all happened then.

Darcy said, "But, when did you meet my father?"

Earth Oneness said, "I'm not sure how to answer that?"

Darcy: "Surely it must be straightforward?"

Earth Oneness: "It might be straightforward to your father but I met him
at many locations in time so I'm not entirely certain which was the first experience for your father.
For me, it would have been between 40,000 and 70,000 years ago."

Darcy: "OH. You're right. Time travel!"

Earth's Oneness: "Yes!"

Old Arcane (of the 1st timeline): "Actually Darcy, at this point it's hard for me to say exactly when we met either simply because it gets sort of confusing. We tend to see things Chronologically just because of the way most of our lives start up until we start time traveling. So, when things happen (out of order of chronologies) things get hazy for us in some ways, especially after meeting with His Oneness of Earth many times over the years. For example, Most of my experiences with The Oracle of New Deva are chronological until I started coming back to New Deva before I became a man at say 21 years of age (even though Arcane Oneness) should be considered to be a man even though he is only 17 presently because the Galactic Sentience has already made him a Oneness before his 18th birthday.

Darcy looked sort of confused because he thought his father and His Oneness of Earth and Arcane Oneness must know everything.

Old Arcane sort of answered this question by saying to Darcy: "Look son. Most of us adults only know what is the problem right before us. Humans are designed to be problem solvers. So, we are most alive when we are solving problems one at a time. So, when time travel gets involved it is all very very complicated. However, I can ask Biocom when the first time I met His Oneness of Earth and he would know."

Darcy said, "I'm just confused now and I want to think about something else."

Old Arcane smiled and said, "Yes. Me too. One day at a time."

Celeste: " I would like to go up and watch the rollers go by and the sea birds. Anyone care to join me?"

Darcy and Star nodded and His Oneness and Old Arcane remained in Celeste's chamber of the air breathers above the water.

His Oneness of Earth: "You do know that Arcane Oneness is going to need your help and mine to pull this off don't you?"

Old Arcane: "Of course. But, how is he going to tell us when he needs help?"

Earth Oneness: "He won't know at first. So, I have asked the Oracle if I can run Time Pool diagnostics for New Deva on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th timelines."

Old Arcane: "Okay. Do you want me to observe?"

Earth Oneness: "Yes. Because only you and the Oracle are competent yet to know what to do with the information."

Old Arcane: "When do you want to do this?"

Earth Oneness: "How about now? We could be gone about 1/2 second of this timeline and then you could return the next moment and no one would miss us?"

Old Arcane: "Sure. Why Not? Should I bring my green sphere so you don't have to return me?"

Earth Oneness: "I'll go pick up the Oracle and take him to earth then?"

Old Arcane: "Oh. He isn't usually allowed to leave New Deva according to the old rules."

Earth Oneness: "Yes. He is of a different dispensation of rules than you and I."

Old Arcane: "Yes. He is of a very ancient order."

Earth Oneness: "Will the time pool transport in the Blue sphere here to New Deva?"

Old Arcane: "Let's go Visit Meridian."

That moment Meridian showed up there on New Deva and said, "Hi Oneness and Old Arcane. I don't think you should move the time pool away from Earth. Each Time Pool is planet resident. A Better idea is to bring a Time Pool to New Deva so it has it's own Time Pool now."

Both Old Arcane and Earth Oneness were surprised at Meridian's timing but understood it likely was important.

Old Arcane: "What should we do Meridian?"

Meridian: "I'm going to ask for a Time Pool for New Deva so no problems are created by trying to move Earth's Time Pool to New Deva temporarily.

Old Arcane said, "Okay."

Earth Oneness: "Wow! That was fast."

Meridian had gone to speak with the Galactic Sentience about this.

Old Arcane: "He likely knows something we don't about Time Pools."

Earth Oneness: "Or more likely he had to try to do this before and realized it wasn't a good idea."

Old Arcane: "That too."

Meridian: I wish to see the Galactic Sentience, please!

assistant: Do you have an appointment?

Meridian: "No. But he's expecting me."

assistant: 'Okay. I'll go see if he is available right now."

Meridian: "Okay. Thank you."

The Galactic Sentience went inside Meridian's head at this point.

"What is it Meridian?"

Well. Remember the incident when I tried to move the Time Pool off of Earth that time?"

The Galactic Sentience laughed. "Yes. That became quite a chore didn't it?"

Meridian: "Well. I think we need a Time Pool for New Deva because of the new timelines?

Galactic Sentience: "I thought only one was added."

Meridian: "I did too but it seems in order to straighten out the kinks Old Arcane accidentally wound up creating two more."

Galactic Sentience: "Has it been decided whether to keep the accidental timelines yet?"

Meridian: "I don't think so, Your Holiness."

Galactic Sentience: "Well. You have more experience with this sort of thing that anyone else there maybe you should run it through the time pool first and get back to me on it, okay?"

Meridian: "Yes. I've been around a long time but just mostly on earth."

Galactic Sentience: "Still, isn't New Deva also Earth  too?"

Meridian: "Yes. But it's an unfamiliar timeline and the New Devan People don't know it's earth without land above the water."

Galactic Sentience: "Why wasn't land above the water?"

Meridian: "All ice melted, the oceans rose, the hurricanes and winds eroded all the lands into the oceans and what was left was under the water."

Galactic Sentience: "How is that possible?"

Meridian: "On that particular timeline apparently water was brought from another planet or something which increased the amount of water which made it possible."

Galactic Sentience: "Why wasn't I told about this before?"

Meridian: Apparently, it happened through criminals stealing water so it never registered. Then they died unexpectedly on New Deva or leaving by running into asteroids or something so the ripple wasn't that big in that time line."

Galactic Sentience: "This means the original timeline is a criminal enterprise but no one talked about it because they were all dead before the colonists came to this planet then."

Meridian: "This appears to be the case."

Galactic Sentience: "Amazing! It isn't often I hear something new like this that slipped through the cracks. Could you go back in time and find out who did this?"

The Galactic Sentience had the Time Pool delivered right outside the Oracle of New Deva's office and he was not happy about this at all because he knew the story, passed down from Oracle to Oracle from the beginning. He worried that the Galactic sentience would end this timeline that was the basis of New Deva now. This was what worried him from the beginning of all this the most.

So, when Meridian showed up he was terrified that he would be discovered because all the Oracles knew about all this and none had shared it with the Galactic Sentience for a variety of reasons.

Meridian introduced himself to the Oracle and said, "I know the secret but I have no reason to expose all the Oracles, Oracle."

The Oracle almost fainted at this.

He started crying.

Meridian: "You see. If I tell the Galactic Sentience I lose Old Arcane and I lose Ah Ray In who visited the heaven realms of earth after Tech Noir killed her."

The Oracle said, "But you don't know the worst part of it at all!"

Meridian: "What is that?"

The Oracle: "Tech Noir traveled back in time and put the water here. He was the criminal who created all the water extra on New Deva."

Meridian: "Then why didn't he die with the rest?"

Oracle: "Because he ordered it done by his servants and then they did it and died."

Meridian: "Why didn't he mention it?"

Oracle: "I think he was proud or something and didn't want the Galactic Sentience to know. Loose lips sink ships and all that."

Meridan: "The Galactic Sentience would have incinerated him for much less than that."

Oracle: "Yes. He knew this too."

Meridian: "Where did he get the water from?"

Oracle: "He stole it from two of Earth's timelines that he then turned into time shards."

Meridian: "The Galactic Sentience would know about them then."

Oracle: "No. They were time shards scheduled for a sudden end by the Galactic Time guard.

Meridian: So, you are telling me that 1/3 or 2/3 of the water of New Deva is from Time Shards?"

Oracle: "Yes."

Meridian: "Don't you know how dangerous that is?"

Oracle: "Yes. But somehow the water all stabilized together and created a whole new ecosystem."

Meridian: "So, because it stayed stable you think it always will be stable?"

Oracle: "Well. This is the hope of the Oracles."

Meridian: "So, no one knows but the succession of Oracles?"

Oracle: "Yes. But now that ARcane is a Oneness the Galactic Sentience is going to find out."

Meridian: "Not necessarily. It might not be to his or your or my best interests for him to find out about this."

Oracle: "Why?"

Meridian: "Because then he would end this timeline completely because this is what he has done in the past. It would take the water and go back and put it on the time shards that suddenly ended.

Oracle: "Could that actually be done?"

Meridian:"It couldn't be done now it would have to be done before it happened."

Oracle: "Which would eliminate our timeline completely basically."

Meridian: "Yes. You know what? I think he already knows. He would have known this when Arcane became a Oneness. He wants to leave it alone and doesn't want to discuss it."

Oracle: "Is this true? You mean he doesn't want to end Arcane and all the Oracles because the culture of New Deva is too valuable because of our Oracles and Saints?"

Meridian: "Yes! It's just too valuable on many different levels for him to give up."

Oracle: "So what do I do?"

Meridian: "You never discuss this with Arcane Oneness unless he brings it up and if he ever brings it up because he finds out then send for me. We need to protect the Galactic Sentience from himself. If this becomes public he will have no choice but to undo the first timeline of New Deva."

Oracle: "I agree. But what did he say to you about it?"

Meridian: He wants me to use the time pool with you and go back and see what happened. But, I can do this and only mention the people involved and that would protect him from knowing about where the water came from (at least publicly)."

Oracle: "Will that work?"

Meridian: "As long as this isn't brought up publicly we can protect him as he obviously wishes. The real danger is Arcane Oneness finding out somehow because what they know together is often more public regarding Galactic Government and checks and balances."

Oracle: "Does Old Arcane know this?"

Meridian: "NO. I don't think so and at least for now he doesn't need to know."

Oracle: "Okay."

Note: As you can see New Deva is actually a Time Line of Earth that actually isn't authorized fully. I'm wondering how it came to be and how colonists looking for earth and not finding it found an extreme water planet with much more water than earth had with almost no land above the water at all. And we see why they had to adapt to becoming Amphibians at first in order to be okay living there and why the culture developed the way it did. Not being able to speak underwater likely led to depending upon telepathy more than we do presently here on earth as well. That the Galactic Sentience didn't know about much of this makes one wonder too. But, then again maybe the Galactic Sentience likes unusual experiments that work out and give the universe something positive too.

In this sense Shamballa and New Deva have things in common. Both were created in unusual circumstances and both were useful to the Galactic Sentience and to the Galaxy so they remain today in reality. His Oneness of Earth lives in Shamballa and Arcane Oneness and Old Arcane's relatives live on New Deva. The fact that Tech Noir ordered all the water to be delivered to Earth from Time Shards shouldn't be too surprising to you or me either, because he was always going to be doing things the Galactic Sentience wouldn't approve of. He just hadn't been caught doing something in the presence of the Galactic Sentience that would cause instant incineration. So, Arcane became the natural instrument of Tech Noir's "end" in a physical body instead through Meridian of earth 1 million years into the future. And of course since Meridian authorized this it also would have had the Authorization of one of his Grandfather's incarnations, Meridian. Where did Tech Noir live and where was he born? Likely Mars. Mars is likely Isfahel on New Deva's timeline in the future sometime. Since it is 1 million years into the future that's likely it, Mars and it's colony from Earth on that timeline. Also, it has been terraformed during that timeline to have a breathable atmosphere like earth and has water too. Likely a lot of this water was stolen by Tech Noir too from one or more of earth's timelines or time shards. end note.

Note: So, it appears that there are many Earth timelines just as there likely are many Mars timelines. Is there a timeline where there is a civilization on Mars during these present times? Very Likely. ON that timeline it is also possible that the asteroid belt is still the planet Maldek too. So, that would mean that the Asteroid belt didn't blow up 65 million years ago from the planet Maldek because of nuclear weapons and possibly that civilization wasn't destroyed so Mars' atmosphere wasn't blown off too and so both Maldek and Mars have civilizations on them and dinosaurs never went extinct from an asteroid hitting the Gulf of Mexico here on the 1st timeline of Earth either by an asteroid on that time line. end note.

However, we are now on the 2nd timeline of earth because the 1st timeline ended badly here on September 11th 2001.

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