Friday, March 31, 2017

How to create flawless text from an original verbal source using enhanced Dictation

If you haven't been previously reading articles here "Enhanced Dictation" is available on 2015 and 2016 and after Macbook pro laptops. What it is is a way for verbal words to be directly converted into Text.

However, because it is a little like Google Translate you really cannot expect more than 70% to 90% accuracy translating verbal words to text in any given situation.

So, here is my solution:

1. Use a tape recorder of some kind to capture your verbal at the same time you are doing your "Enhanced Dictation" through your Macbook Pro (2015 and after). However, you do have to download 1.2 Gigabytes of software to use enhanced dictation. However, you don't have to be online when you are using enhanced dictation so it says that none of your work will be sent to apple because of this. So, if you believe this is true (and I have no present reason not to believe it), then say if you were writing an original article or book you intend to copyright before someone steals your work or your idea I would recommend the tape recorder simultaneously while you do "Enhanced Dictation".

Then you play back your tape so you can compare the verbal to the "enhanced dictation" text generated and then you can move it or print it out or save it in whatever form you want to.

For me, it's usually about putting these articles on my blog or about writing more about Arcane, Elohar, His Oneness, and all the others from the past, present and future of this and other timelines.

But, if you are not worried about someone stealing your ideas before you copyright them, then the other alternative is to use your video on your smartphone. I have found if I use my earphone cord with the microphone built in on my Iphone 7 plus this gives me the clearest sounds on my video.

Then once I have made sure I have everything down perfectly I can either delete the video or save it for reference in case something happens to the copy of the text. Then you can also print out the text so you have a hard copy of your work too.

So, after you have your first computer text copy that your computer generates directly from your verbal words directly, then you compare it to what your verbal words say on the video on your smartphone.

And like I said before once you are sure you have a computer copy saved and a hardcopy on paper saved that you like (at least initially) then you are done with the first part of the process (at least until you begin to do your edit of your work.

Another idea that might simplify your initial editing of verbal to text.

1. using your tape recorder or smartphone do your verbal copy first. This way you can really concentrate what you are doing more and give a better idea of what you want to be down in print.
2. After you have finished making this recording, put the speaker on your phone or tape recorder near enough to your computer so the enhanced dictation is able to hear it well enough to create text from it.
3. Then watch as the print is generated  by the "enhanced Dictation" on your Macbook pro to make sure it is doing what you want it too. One of the advantages of enhanced dictation is you can stop your tape recorder or phone video at any point and as long as you or someone else isn't talking the enhanced dictation remains idle.
4. While your enhanced dictation is idle correct whatever mistakes it might have made either in hearing or whatever.

5. Also, remember if you talk too fast it is going to confuse the enhanced dictation so you might have to talk a little slower or start and stop your tape recorder or phone video often for more perfect text copy by the end of all this.

6 Then listen to the tape recorder or phone video a 3rd time while reading your generated text print copy to make sure you caught all the errors. Remember the enhanced dictation often will generate strange words like on a recent time I recorded some video from TV on CNN and it translated Intelligence Chairman into "Intelligent German" so look out of these kinds of things.

Is it easier to just type from your mind direct into your computer. It depends upon the person I would say. You likely would have to try it to see if it is useful to you or not.

I'm at a point where often my hands hurt sometimes from tendonitis from doing construction work as a contractor in my 20s before I started buying businesses. So, I'm used to a little pain in my hands since my early 30s. But, if it's a cold and rainy or snowy day the pain might distract me too much to be very successful for example. So, I'm trying to do more enhanced dictation and get better at it for this reason. Also, it's sort of a game to try something new and interesting. It's a challenge like learning to ski or surf or ride a motorcycle was when I was in my  teens or mostly before.

Also, What if your book or article becomes popular, you might want to save your videos that you generated your book or article from so people can listen to you when your book first arrived right out of your mouth the very first time.

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