Friday, March 31, 2017

Steve Lawrence - Pretty Blue Eyes - YouTube (1959)

  1. Steve Lawrence - Pretty Blue Eyes - YouTube
    Jan 08, 2010 · Steve Lawrence - Pretty Blue Eyes (1959) Steve Lawrence ... Pretty Blue Eyes ( 1959 ) - STEVE LAWRENCE - Lyrics - Duration: 1:52. SVansay 93,162 views. 1:52. 

    In 4th Grade I believed myself to be in love with a blonde haired girl in my class with blue eyes you could fall into. I was shy then and didn't start dating until I was 15 and even then it was a girl from Alaska that was a blonde haired blue eyed girl in Glendale High School. Kennedy had just been assassinated and I believed then (haha) at 15 that if JFK could be assassinated so could I and I didn't want to die a virgin. However, even though I dated girls from age 15 onward and was always dating one beautiful girl or another I was still a virgin until I was 21. So, looking back it's amazing how funny all that is now. I was trained to be both a minister and a gentleman (by my Scottish Grandmother who spoke with a Glasgow Brogue) and when people asked me what I wanted to be as an adult in my dress suit and trenchcoat at (age 4) traveling From Seattle to San Diego by train for a new life there with my father, mother and mother's mother (Nana) I was supposed to say "I want to be a gentleman when I grow up". And so this is what I became, a gentleman that looked after women and made sure they were okay always. This actually made me very very popular with the ladies as I was never uncouth and was respectful of them always. I found this really really useful when I married for the first time at age 26 and became a father. Being a gentleman takes you very far in life. Your kindness is appreciated always whether you are aware of it or not at the time. 

    For someone who came to the U.S. in 1910 or there about like my grandmother, nothing was superior for a man to be than a gentleman like an English or Scottish Lord. To always be well behaved no matter how bad the situation became, and protective of women and children no matter what even if you died was the height of gentility for my grandmother and mother. So, I guess I was sort of trained to be a chivalrous knight in this sense only in the 20th century.

    I still agree with their point of view by the way all these years later.

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