Friday, March 31, 2017

regarding last Bobby Darren Post

If you click on where it says Dream Lover at the copa it should take you to where you can listen to about 20 or more Bobby Darin Songs.

In 1958 when "Dream Lover" came out I was 10 years old in Glendale and very impressionable. This song said exactly how I felt at 10 regarding my future.  So, I listened to this whenever I could when I wasn't in school or when it came on the radio. I had my little battery powered radio about the size of a Sony Walkman in the 1980s then. We all did and I walked down the street with it up to my ear listening to the songs then when I was 10. Or if I needed privacy because my parents didn't want to listen to (Jungle bunny Music) This is exactly what my father called rock and roll then which shows how different the 1950s were to now. (Light years away form now).

However, the innocence in some ways for a child growing up then was much more than now in most of the world. We were protected from the truth a lot and yet, we had to crawl under our desks at school because we all expected to die one day from a nuclear blast. So, we got under our desks to prepare to die that way or as boys to die in battle. Many of my friends then did die in Viet Nam in that crazy terrible war that no one has ever explained why we were there in the first place?

But, songs like "Dream Lover" and "Pretty Blue eyes" were some of my favorites then  around that impressionable time when you are 8 to 12 years old as a boy.

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