Thursday, September 4, 2008


.7006 is the value of the dollar against the Euro. Since both the Euro and the dollar are floating currencies there is no absolute only relativity. However, since 7-2-08 when the dollar was only .6294 against the Euro, it means that relative to the Euro the dollar has gained almost 10% in relative value against the Euro. In real terms it means that anyone with dollars can now buy 10% more goods relative to the Euro. Also relative to the Euro if one had say 1,000,000 dollars in the U.S. Stock Market it means without any changes in their stocks their money alone is valued about $100,000 more since July 2nd 2008 relative to the Euro. This is also why people are taking their money out of oil futures and buying dollars and dollar based stocks which is also reducing starvation for the poorer members of the planet and helping to keep them alive and able to buy food and not starve to death.

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