Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Strangeness of being a Precognitive Psychic

I suppose the most strange thing about being a precognitive psychic is that if you tell someone the future you see the future you see will change. It might be a better or worse or whatever but it will definitely be different because of telling even one person what you see.

If you see a future outcome and you like what you see the single best way for it to actually happen is to tell no one and to not spend too much time overthinking about the future you see. Because thoughts clothed with feelings also change futures one has seen if they are intense enough.

So, to summarize if you see a future you like just thank God for it and then hope it comes true.

If, however, you see a future that harms someone you care about or harms thousands to millions or more people then for God's sake talk to someone or start a blog like I have so many many people can potentially read about what you see so it doesn't manifest as bad as what you saw.

The reason I'm writing about it this way is that all beings are potential precognitive psychics. Some will be aware of it only once or twice a lifetime, like when they pick their life mates, or saving a child, friend, sibling or relatives life or even the life of an acquaintance. Others like myself have precognitive experiences almost every day or even all day long in some cases. However, what is important is that we all do it to survive. Most of us wouldn't be alive now or even be successful or healthy if we hadn't followed our hunches even if it was to not step accidentally in front of an oncoming truck or taxi that couldn't be heard or seen ahead of time.

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