Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Strange Economic Time for Planet Earth

In its own way the present economic problems are much scarier than 1929 and the last really big crash. The main reason for this is that corruption and greed completely caused all the problems this time. The other reason it is so scary is that those who caused it are also present in Government. In other words the foxes are guarding the henhouse. Who do I personally blame for this problem? Answer: hackable computerized ballot boxes and unfortunately, the Supreme Court for giving the election to President Bush in 2000. More than any other eventualities these two occurrences led to this debacle.

The problem here this time is that Global Climate Change, the search for new and better energy resources and incredibly greedy and now incredibly panicked people together might create much worse problems than we now have by acting in very rash ways to solve the problem.

Yes. It is true certain things need to be done quickly. However, all of us know that "Figures don't lie but liars always use figures." Those of you who were duped into subprime loans through lies and have already lost your homes or are soon to lose your homes know this quite well.

So, what I need to say most is that a quick fix with 700 billion dollars will likely make things much worse for everyone on earth unless enough time is taken to not have the foxes running the henhouses anymore.

Like one of the comedians on "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central Cable said recently, "Bush may not only be the worst President but also the LAST President of the United States."

Whether you are Republican or Democrat or independent please think about the scary thought of Bush being the last president the United States ever has. Think about what that could mean to planet EARTH!!! Your CHILDREN!!! EVERYONE!!!

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