Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hamlet2: A cult classic

It's Rocky Horror Picture Show breaking of all boundaries once again. Hamlet2, although slow in the buildup, doesn't disappoint. First, you might think the Drama teacher is just nuts, insane and in serious need of psychological therapy. However, in addition to all that he is also very creative. At the same time he is hitting very serious issues in his life at all fronts. The result:The Play. An irreverent but poignant plea for survival and even sanity in a completely insane world!

It's extremely funny but not if you are offended by homosexuality, minor racism, sexism, and rock me sexy Jesus, you might not want to watch it or find it humorous. Also, you might think of it like Muslims thought when cartoons were made of Mohammed in Europe. Only this time instead of Mohammed it is Jesus on the chopping block. For me, I found it a way for those with problems to laugh and maybe not to commit suicide because of watching this movie and laughing about their problems instead of killing themselves!

Also, it is definitely not for kids. Maybe 13 to 17 depending upon the kid is the youngest that you might want to watch this. However, in the Hamlet mold of severely questioning reality it is!

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